Range.js JavaScript Library Examples

JavaScript library to resize, reduce, or change ranges of DOM elements.

Text example:

An example of sample text that you can reduce. Below is an excerpt from John Steinback's famous novel, The Grapes of Wraph.

"Soft fingers began to tap the sill of the car window, and the hard fingers tightened on the restless drawing sticks. In the doorways of the sun-beaten tenant houses, women sighed and then shifted feet so that the one that had been down was now on top, and the toes working. Dogs came sniffing near the owner cars and wetted on all four tires one after another. And chickens lay in the sunny dust and fluffed their feathers to get the cleansing dust down to the skin. In the little sties the pigs grunted inquiringly over the muddy remnants of the slops."

List example

  • Item one
  • Item two
    • Nested two-one
    • Nested two-two
  • Item three
    • Nested three-one
    • Nested three-two
  • Item four

Image example: