Cool Link Hover Effects Examples

This is an SCSS mixin library that provides a collection of more than 36 pretty cool hover effects for links (or any elements). It's lightweight, fast, mobile-friendly, and modular, meaning you can pick and choose exactly which mixins you need for any particular project.

Link Effects

Slide from left Slide from right Strikethrough slide Simple fade highlight Strikethrough highlight Bottom border highlight Multiple gradient fill Background crossover Four color background Crossing Triangle Waves SVG sine wave SVG large sine wave SVG square wave Popup text Fire GIF background

Inline Block Effects

Fill from right Fill from left Fill from top Fill from bottom Arrow effect Jagged effect Blind effect Underline from middle Underline slide left Underline slide right Underline pop up Fire GIF Pseudoelement

SVG Filter Effects

Turbulence Distortion Effect Link Outline Effect Dust Effect Horizontal Blur Effect Vertical Blur Effect Colourful Stripe Effect

Multi Element Effects

Fill Up Transform Fill Up Transform