yBox Lightbox Modal Examples

yBox is a lightweight yet feature-rich lightbox JavaScript library for images, videos, iframes, text, and any HTML content you provide.

Link to another element on page (which contains an inner yBox link)

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                <a href="#link1" class="yBox"> </a>
Hello Inner link
Hello again :)

Link to an Iframe ( class="yBox yBox_iframe" )

                <a href="https://www.youtube.com..." class="yBox yBox_iframe"> </a>

Custom yBox class ( data-ybox-class="my_class" )

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                <a href="#myLink" data-ybox-class="myYboxClass" class="yBox"> </a>

AJAX call ( class="yBox yBox_ajax" )

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                <a href="https://www.google.com" class="yBox yBox_ajax"> </a>

Gallery view by groups ( data-ybox-group="group_name" )

Group 1
                <a href="image.jpg" data-ybox-group="group1" class="yBox"> </a>
Group 2
                <a href="image.jpg" data-ybox-group="group2" class="yBox"> </a>