Social network buttons for Bootstrap 4

bootstrap-social is a add-on to Bootstrap to add utility to its button system to integrate painlessly social networks.

  • btn-social
  • btn-social-icon
  • btn-<your network name>


bootstrap-social works with the Bootstrap button system.
bootstrap-social uses the right color of the social network. You can use FontAwesome tags to add the image to your button.

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bootstrap-social was design to suit your needs and thus comes with different flavours (classic or icon only).
Using Bootstrap you can have them in different sizes, outlined, as a block or vertical

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Social networks

The main networks are available. bootstrap-social uses the appropriate color as background or outline. You can choose FontAwesome for the icons but it works with any image or tag


a short example of bootstrap-social

It shows 2 buttons to login using oAuth. It implements one using FontAweseme icons and the other one an image


Different flavours


Add btn-social to have a classic button with text + btn-<your network name>

Icon only

Should you need only a square button dispalying the icon of you favorite network, use btn-social-icon + btn-<your network name>