xtz.js: Time Zones And UTC Converter Examples

Current Time:

Current Time Zone: America/XXXX
Current Time Offset: -0000

Convert Between Time Zones:

Relative TimeZone to Absolute UTC:

XTZ.toUTC("YYYY-03-14 03:15:69.000", "UTC")

Absolute UTC to Relative TimeZone

XTZ.toTimeZone("YYYY-03-14 03:15:69.000", "UTC")

Time Zones List

See the Full List of Time Zones on Wikipedia.
America/New_York    -0500 -0400             (Eastern Time)
America/Denver      -0700 -0600             (Mountain Time)
America/Phoenix     -0700 (No DST)          (Arizona Time)
America/Los_Angeles -0800 -0700             (Pacific Time)
UTC                 Z                       (UTC "Zulu" Time)
Australia/Adelaide  +0930 +1030    (30-min)
Asia/Kathmandu      +0545 (No DST) (45-min)
Asia/Kolkata        +0530 (No DST) (30-min)