W3Flints Clock-Timer


About digits

W3FClockTimer separates every instant in digits. This allows you to get or display every date component independently.

A formatted value is returned by default. Appending the underscore (_), yo'll get the numeric representation.
For instance, when d returns "13", d_ returns 13.

Digit Description
y, y_Year
n, n_Month number (1 to 12)
d, d_Day number (1 to 28, 29, 30 or 31)
h, h_Hour, in 24-hour format
H, H_Hour, in 12-hour format
aA.M. or P.M.
i, i_Minutes (0 to 59)
s, s_Seconds (0 to 59)
m, m_Milliseconds (0 to 999)