10 Best Drag And Drop JavaScript Libraries Of 2018

Drag and Drop is a native HTML5 functionality to move, sort, re-position any element via mouse drag and drop. This is a collection of 10 best JavaScript libraries that enhance the native HTML5 drag and drop functionality or use the Drag and Drop API to do cool stuff on draggable elements.

10. dragdrop.js


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dragdrop.js is a Vanilla JavaScript library that makes it easy to drag and drop specific elements with a smooth animation. Written in JavaScript ES6.

9. draggable.js


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draggable.js is a customizable draggable/droppable/sortable/swappable JavaScript library that works with mouse drag, touch and force touch events.

8. Draggable


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Yet another draggable JavaScript library which allows the mouse drag to move any DOM elements inside the boundaries (x and/or y axis) of a specified container. Without the need of any 3rd dependencies.

7. html5sortable


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html5sortable is a lightweight and standalone JavaScript library for re-sorting a group of list and/or grid items using native HTML5 drag and drop API. Supports exclude, nested, connected lists and even table rows.

6. Grabbable


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grabbable is a lightweight and easy-to-use JavaScript library that enables your users to re-sort a group of grid items through mouse drag and drop.

5. displace.js


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displace.js is a lightweight yet configurable JavaScript library used to create movable elements with drag and drop support.

4. drag-n-drop-js

Move Items Between Two Containers with Native JS Drag and Drop

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A very simple pure JavaScript solution to move items between containers/boxes by drag’n’ drop.

3. html5-sortable


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sortable.js allows you to re-sort a list of items using native Html5 drag and drop function without any dependencies.

2. dragula.js


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dragula.js is a simple, dependency-free, touch-enabled JavaScript library that provides drag and drop functionality on DOM elements.

1. Sortable

Lightweight JS Sorting Library with Native HTML5 Drag and Drop - Sortable

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Sortable is a lightweight and simple javascript library that makes a list of items sortable by using native Html5 drag and drop API. Works with all the modern browsers and touch devices.