10 Best Custom Context Menus in JavaScript

Context menus, those little pop-up menus you get when you right-click on something, can be an accessible way to give visitors more control and options within your website or application. They can be used for a variety of things, like editing content, deleting items, or even triggering specific actions.

In this post, we’re going to explore the best open-source custom context menus written in pure JavaScript. The ranking here is based on download numbers from CSSScript.com over the past year, so you can bet these picks have been put through their paces by the dev community.

1. Cool Custom Context Menu With JavaScript

A pretty cool custom context menu triggered by right click. Dark and Light themes are included. Written in plain JavaScript and CSS/CSS3.


[Demo] [Download]

2. Create Custom Context Menus In Vanilla JavaScript – context-menu.js

AJavaScript/LESS plugin that helps you create custom, dynamic, native-looking context menus inside any container element you specify.


[Demo] [Download]

3. Mobile-friendly Custom Context Menu Component In JavaScript

A lightweight yet highly customizable context menu component that provides an easy way to manage the Website’s right-click context menu and improve the Website’s usability.


[Demo] [Download]

4. Pretty Clean Context Menu In Pure JavaScript – Contextual.js

A vanilla JS plugin that attaches a dynamic, customizable, multi-level context/pop-up menu to your element. Without any dependencies.

Pretty Clean Context Menu In Pure JavaScript - Contextual.js

[Demo] [Download]

5. Skinnable Right-click Context Menu In JavaScript – context-js

A skinnable, customizable, multi-level context menu library to replace the browser’s right-click menu.

Skinnable Right-click Context Menu Kali Dark Theme

[Demo] [Download]

6. Custom Right-click Menu (Context Menu) In Vanilla JavaScript – CtxMenu

A dynamic, customizable context menu plugin to replace the native browser right-click menu.


[Demo] [Download]

7. Add Custom Context Menus To Any HTML Element – vanilla-context-menu

A context menu is a feature of many applications. It’s a listing of options that appears on right-click. That usually provides some additional functions to process the thing that was right-clicked.


[Demo] [Download]

8. Multi-level Context Menu In JavaScript – ContextmenuJS

Yet another small, dynamic, multi-level context menu written in pure JavaScript.

ContextmenuJS enables you to create a right-click context menu from an array of menus object, with support for fade in/out animations, custom icons, disabled menu items, and an unlimited amount of menu levels.


[Demo] [Download]

9. Dynamic Multi-level Context Menu With JavaScript

A simple, plain, multi-level context menu component implemented in vanilla JavaScript.

Dynamic Multi-level Context Menu With JavaScript

[Demo] [Download]

10. Easy Dynamic Context Menu Component – tui.context-menu

A simple, dynamic, multi-level context menu UI component written in Vanilla JavaScript.

The context menu can be attached to any DOM element, which means that your users can access specific actions or options related to a particular element on a website or web app.

Easy Dynamic Context Menu Component

[Demo] [Download]

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