7 Best Countdown Timer JavaScript Libraries (2022 Update)

The countdown timer is a web technology that displays a clock counting down from a specified date (time) to zero. Typically used for coming soon page, product promotion page, etc.

In this post, you will find the 7 best countdown timers written in pure JavaScript we published on CSSSCRIPT.COM. Enjoy.

Originally Published Jan 2019, updated Mar 12, 2022

1. Easy Datetime Countdown Timer – Countdown.js

Easy Datetime Countdown Timer – Countdown.js

Demo Download

An easy-to-style countdown timer implementation in pure JavaScript. It will display EXPIRED when the countdown is over.

2. Circular Countdown Timer In JavaScript And CSS3

Circular Countdown Timer In JavaScript And CSS3

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A minimal countdown timer with a SVG based circular countdown indicator, implemented in pure JavaScript and CSS/CSS3.

3. Digital Clock With Countdown Circle – rounded-clock

Digital Clock With Countdown Circle – rounded-clock

Demo Download

A modern digital clock with a circular countdown representing how many seconds are left to the next minute.

4. easytimer.js


Demo Download

easytimer.js is an easy-to-use Timer/Countdown/Chronometer library built in pure JavaScript that allows to count up to or countdown from a given value with callback support.

5. TimezZ


Demo Download

This is the standalone version of the jQuery TimezZ plugin that lets you create a customizable countdown timer in days:hours:minutes:seconds format.

6. countDown.js

Flipping Countdown Clock With JavaScript And CSS – countDown.js

Demo Download

countDown.js is a dependency-free JavaScript library for creating a countdown or count up timer just like thretro-lookingng flip clock.

7. flipdown.js

Retro Flipping Countdown Timer In JavaScript - flipdown.js

Demo Download

flipdown.js is a lightweight, responsive, high-performance countdown plugin to create a retro-style flipping countdown clock that shows how many days/hours/minutes/seconds until an event you provide.

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