5 Best Autocomplete Libraries In Vanilla JavaScript

If you’re looking for an autocomplete JavaScript library to enhance the select & input behaviors on the web applications. You have come to the right place.

This is a hand-picked list that is updated every year and showcases the 5 best pure (vanilla) JavaScript autocomplete libraries of the year.

Feel free to download and use them in your next web app design to apply the autocomplete functionality to the existing input field or select box. Have fun with it.

1. Advanced Feature-rich Autocomplete JavaScript Library – awesomplete

Advanced Feature-rich Autocomplete JavaScript Library - awesomplete

Demo Download

awesomplete is a simple yet highly customizable, user-friendly, feature-rich autocomplete library written in pure JavaScript.

2. Fast Autocomplete & Typeahead Library – autoComplete.js

Fast Autocomplete & Typeahead Library - autoComplete.js

Demo Download

A dynamic, blazing-fast,  dependency-free,  and easy-to-use autocomplete & typeahead JavaScript library for modern web development.

3. Customizable Autocomplete JavaScript Library – horsey.js


Demo Download

horsey.js is a robust JavaScript library that adds customizable autocomplete functionality to any elements like input fields and textareas.

4. Lightweight Flexible Pure JavaScript Autocomplete Library


Demo Download

A pure vanilla JavaScript library to provide flexible autocomplete/autosuggest dropdown to your input field as typing. Supports local data or remote source via AJAX.

5. Accessible Autocomplete Component In Vanilla JavaScript – Autocomplete

Accessible Autocomplete Component In Vanilla JavaScript - Autocomplete

Demo Download

A fast, dynamic, accessible (WAI-ARIA) compliant autocomplete component written in vanilla JavaScript.

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