10 Best JavaScript Dialog Plugins To Create Advanced Popup Boxes (2021 Update)

In modern web development, developers can now quickly create popup boxes or other interactive components with the <DIALOG> element introduced in HTML 5.2.

<dialog open>

However, what needs to be worth noting is that the new <DIALOG> element only works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Android webview.

Developers who are running cross-platform web apps might need a Polyfill to enable the <DIALOG> support on the Edge and Apple Safari.

Or use a third-party JavaScript dialog library:

Here is a list of the 10 best JavaScript dialog/popup box plugins that help you create customizable, advanced, cross-browser alert/confirm/prompt dialog boxes. Feel free to download and use them in your next web project. Have fun.

Originally Published Oct 22 2019, updated Mar 16 2021

1. Resizable & Draggable Dialog In Pure JavaScript

Resizable & Draggable Dialog In Pure JavaScript

Demo Download

A vanilla JavaScript library to create a draggable & resizable dialog popup without any frameworks or libraries (e.g. jQuery UI).

2. Medium-style Confirm Dialog Box with JavaScript and CSS/CSS3

Medium-style Confirm Dialog Box with JavaScript and CSS/CSS3

Demo Download

A tiny pure JavaScript library that creates Medium.com styled confirm dialog boxes with CSS3 animations and callbacks on your web project.

3. custom-confirm.js

Custom Confirmation Modal In Vanilla JavaScript – custom-confirm.js

Demo Download

A lightweight vanilla JavaScript library to create customizable confirmation dialog boxes that allow to perform custom actions as you click the confirm/cancel buttons.

4. duDialog

Modern Material Design Dialog Generator In Pure JavaScript – duDialog

Demo Download

A pure JavaScript plugin for creating Material Design inspired alert, confirmation, selection dialog popups without any dependencies.

5. Mobile-first Dialog Popup JavaScript Library – mcx-dialog-mobile

Mobile-first Dialog Popup JavaScript Library – mcx-dialog-mobile

Demo Download

mcx-dialog-mobile is a pure JavaScript plugin to create mobile-first, iOS-inspired dialog popups (alert/confirm dialog, action sheet, loading spinner, toast notification) on your web app.

6. ui-notify

Minimalist Toast Notification & Confirm Dialog Library – ui-notify

Demo Download

A small JavaScript library used for displaying minimal, clean toast notifications and alert/confirm dialog boxes on the webpage.

7. Modal.js

Vanilla JavaScript Alert/Confirm Modal Dialog Library – Modal.js

Demo Download

A vanilla JavaScript library for creating highly customizable alert and/or confirmation dialog boxes using plain JavaScript.

8. Simple Customizable Modal Dialog JavaScript Plugin – popupmodal.js

Simple Customizable Modal Dialog JavaScript Plugin – popupmodal.js

Demo Download

popupmodal.js is a vanilla JavaScript plugin helps you create responsive, customizable modal dialog popups with ease. A greate alternative to default JavaScript popup boxes like alert, confirm and prompt dialog popups.

9. ExConfirmBox

Promise Confirmation Dialog In Pure JavaScript – ExConfirmBox

Demo Download

A lightweight, zero-dependency JavaScript plugin to create custom promise confirmation dialogs on the webpage.

10. Toast/Popup/Modal/Dialog JavaScript Library – JSFrame.js

Toast/Popup/Modal/Dialog JavaScript Library – JSFrame.js

Demo Download

A multifunctional JavaScript library used for creating floating windows, modal popups, and even toast notifications with custom styles.

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To display complex web content (e.g. forms, images, videos) in a popup box, you might need a customizable modal window to overlay the content on the top of page.

Check out our Modal & Popup section for more information.

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