7 Best Pure JavaScript Form Validation Libraries (2022 Update)

The native HTML5 validation feature is not enough.

We also recommend you use a JavaScript library to extend and enhance the default form validation functionalities for better user experiences on modern web design.

In this post, you’ll find a list of the 7 best and most downloaded JavaScript Form Validation libraries (without any 3rd dependencies such as jQuery) to validate your HTML form with custom error messages, CSS styles, validation rules, and more. Enjoy.

Originally Published Feb 10, 2018, updated Mar 09 2022

1. Just-validate


Demo Download

Just-validate is a dependency-free, HTML5 data attribute based form validation that supports both client side and server side form validation. Validation rules are fully customizable via JavaScript. Compatible with Bootstrap framework.

2. validator

Fast User-friendly Form Validation Plugin - Validator.js

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A fast, cross-browser, user-friendly, highly customizable form validator that works with the native HTML5 input types: text, email, url, date, etc.

3. popup-validation


Demo Download

A lightweight, ES5/ES6 JavaScript library to validate form fields and display error messages in a popup when invalid.

4. Pristine

Minimal HTML5 Form Validator In Vanilla JavaScript - Pristine

Demo Download

Pristine is a lightweight vanilla JavaScript form validation library which works with the native HTML5 attributes and allows you to create your own validators of course.

5. Bouncer.js

Extend HTML5 Form Validation With Custom Rules And Errors - Bouncer.js

Demo Download

The Bouncer.js JavaScript library is created to extend the native HTML5 form validation that enables the customizable form validation on the form fields.

6. Elegant Pure JavaScript Form Validator – Vanilla Validator

Elegant Pure JavaScript Form Validator – Vanilla Validator

[Demo] [Download]

A vanilla JavaScript form validator to validate your form controls and display error messages next to invalid fields.

7. Vanilla JavaScript Form Validator For Bootstrap 5/4/3 Framework

Vanilla JavaScript Form Validator For Bootstrap 5/4/3 Framework

[Demo] [Download]

A vanilla JavaScript plugin that adds extensible form validation functionalities to your Bootstrap project without third-party JS libraries like jQuery.

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