7 Best Particles Animation JavaScript Libraries (2022 Update)

Wanna have a modern, animated, interactive background for your web app to attract the users’ attention?

Here are the 7 best JavaScript libraries to create an awesome particle animation (Particle System) on the page using pure JavaScript. Have fun!

Originally Published Feb 2019, updated Mar 21, 2022

7 Best Particles Animation Libraries:

1. Particles.js

Creating An Animated Particle System Using Particles.js

Demo Download

A standalone JavaScript library helps you create an animated & interactive Particle System that reacts to viewer’s cursor. Based on Html5 canvas element.

2. Background Particles System With JavaScript And Canvas – nodes.js

Background Particles System With JavaScript And Canvas – nodes.js

Demo Download

The nodes.js JavaScript library lets you create a particles system with animated nodes and connecting lines for the background.

3. Animated Particles Background With Pure JavaScript

Animated Particles Background With Pure JavaScript

Demo Download

A simple script to generate responsive, random, CSS3 animated particles (balls) for your background.

4. imageParticles.js

Interactive Image Particles With JavaScript And Canvas – imageParticles.js

Demo Download

A fancy JavaScript plugin for generating an interactive, canvas based particles system from an image you provide.

5. tsparticles

Lightweight JS Library For Creating Interactive Particles - tsparticles

Demo Download

tsparticles is an upgraded and continued version of the Particles.js library to create particles in an elegant way.

6. canvas-nest.js

Interactive Particle / Nest System With JavaScript and Canvas – canvas-nest.js

Demo Download

canvas-nest.js is a minimal JavaScript library that draws an animated, canvas based particle/nest system for interactive background.

7. Interactive Particle Animation With JavaScript – JParticles

Interactive Particle Animation With JavaScript – JParticles

[Demo] [Download]

A dependency-free JavaScript library for creating animated, interactive, configurable particle animations on a Canvas element that reacts to your cursor.

Last thoughts:

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