5 Best Particles Animation JavaScript Libraries For 2019

Wanna a modern, animated, interactive background for your web app to attract the users’ attention?

Here are 5 best JavaScript libraries to create an awesome particles animation (Particle System) on the page using pure JavaScript. Have fun!

5 Best Particles Animation Libraries:

1. Particles.js

Creating An Animated Particle System Using Particles.js

Demo Download

A standalone JavaScript library helps you create an animated & interactive Particle System that reacts to viewer’s cursor. Based on Html5 canvas element.

2. canvas-nest.js

Interactive Particle / Nest System With JavaScript and Canvas – canvas-nest.js

Demo Download

canvas-nest.js is a minimal JavaScript library that draws an animated, canvas based particle/nest system for interactive background.

3. particler

Custom Particles Animation With JavaScript And Canvas – particler

Demo Download

particler is a really small (~4kb) JS library which takes advantage of html5 canvas to make customizable particles animations for your webpage. Great for creating an animated, modern background for your web project.

4. particles.js

Small JavaScript Library For Particles Animation – particles.js

Demo Download

particles.js is a lightweight yet customizable JavaScript library used to draw a modern particles animation on an HTML5 canvas element.

5. JParticles

Interactive Particle Animation With JavaScript – JParticles

Demo Download

A native JavaScript library for creating animated, interactive, configurable particle animations on a Canvas element that reacts to your cursor.

Last thoughts:

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