7 Best Particles Animation JavaScript Libraries (2021 Update)

Wanna have a modern, animated, interactive background for your web app to attract the users’ attention?

Here are the 7 best JavaScript libraries to create an awesome particle animation (Particle System) on the page using pure JavaScript. Have fun!

Originally Published Feb 2019, updated Apr 11, 2021

7 Best Particles Animation Libraries:

1. Particles.js

Creating An Animated Particle System Using Particles.js

Demo Download

A standalone JavaScript library helps you create an animated & interactive Particle System that reacts to viewer’s cursor. Based on Html5 canvas element.

2. Animated Particles Background With Pure JavaScript

Animated Particles Background With Pure JavaScript

Demo Download

A simple script to generate responsive, random, CSS3 animated particles (balls) for your background.

3. imageParticles.js

Interactive Image Particles With JavaScript And Canvas – imageParticles.js

Demo Download

A fancy JavaScript plugin for generating an interactive, canvas based particles system from an image you provide.

4. Background Particles System With JavaScript And Canvas – nodes.js

Background Particles System With JavaScript And Canvas – nodes.js

Demo Download

The nodes.js JavaScript library lets you create a particles system with animated nodes and connecting lines for the background.

5. canvas-nest.js

Interactive Particle / Nest System With JavaScript and Canvas – canvas-nest.js

Demo Download

canvas-nest.js is a minimal JavaScript library that draws an animated, canvas based particle/nest system for interactive background.

6. Create Cool Particle Animation Effects With Proton.js

Create Cool Particle Animation Effects With Proton.js

Demo Download

Proton.js is an easy yet powerful Javascript animation engine to create pretty cool particle effects (e.g. flames, fireworks, bullets, explosions, etc) on the modern web application.

7. tsparticles

Lightweight JS Library For Creating Interactive Particles - tsparticles

Demo Download

tsparticles is an upgraded and continued version of the Particles.js library to create particles in an elegant way.

Last thoughts:

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