Canvas-based Geometric Identicon Generator – Identicons.js

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Canvas-based Geometric Identicon Generator – Identicons.js


Identicons.js is a Vanilla JavaScript library that makes use of Canvas API to generate geometric identicons based on a specific input seed.

Identicons are square or circular icon images, with strong visual branding, that provide a marked visual distinction between similar-looking users or accounts. This facilitates recognition even when the user’s name is not available – for example, when looking at a list of comments or forum posts – or when recipients are offline and thus unable to exchange names.

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How to use it:

1. Download and import the identicons.bundled.min.js into the document.

<script src="/dist/identicons.bundled.min.js"></script>

2. Generate a basic identicon.

let result = Identicons.renderDiscs({
    "seed": "cssscript",
// => data:image/png;base64...

3. More options.

let result = Identicons.renderDiscs({
    "seed": "cssscript",
    "base": null,
    "width": null,
    "height": null,
    "maxSize": null,
    "minSize": null,
    "minDiscs": 6,
    "maxDiscs": minDiscs*1.33,
    "colorRange": 10,


v0.1.2 (09/30/2023)

  • Fix logging issue

v0.1.1 (01/28/2023)

  • Fix grayscale having different positions

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