Generate Random Cartoon Avatars With JS And SVG – faces.js

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Generate Random Cartoon Avatars With JS And SVG – faces.js


faces.js is a standalone JavaScript library used for generating random, SVG-based, vector shaped cartoon faces for user avatars.

How to use it:

1. Install and import.

# Yarn
$ yarn add facesjs
$ npm i facesjs
import { display, generate } from "facesjs";

2. OR Download and place the JavaScript file faces.js at the bottom of the webpage.

<script src="faces.js"></script>

3. Generate a random cartoon avatar inside a given container.

<div id="example"></div>
const face = generate();
display("example", face);

4. Get the cartoon avatar as a JS object.

var face = faces.generate("example");

5. Customize the color of the avatar.

const face = generate({
      body: { color: "yellow" }
// or
faces.display("example", face, { 
  body: { color: "yellow" } 

6. Specify the race: white, black, asian, or brown.

const face = generate({
      {race: "white"}

7. Generate female faces.

const face = generate({
      {gender: "female"}

8. convert a face object to an SVG string.

import { faceToSvgString, generate } from "facesjs";
const face = generate();
const svg = faceToSvgString(face);


v4.0.0 (11/19/2023)

  • Added faceToSvgString function to output faces as SVG strings, rather than only rendering to the DOM via display.
  • Added CLI for generating faces and outputting them as SVG strings.

v3.8.2 (03/16/2023)

  • Fixed the esm build.

v3.8.1 (02/26/2023)

  • Add back accidentally-deleted hair

v3.8.0 (02/25/2023)

  • Added a gender option to generate female faces

v3.7.4 (07/10/2022)

  • Restore rate of accessories (such as headbands) being present.

v3.7.3 (06/17/2022)

  • Tweak baseball jersey/hat colors

v3.7.2 (03/28/2022)

  • Tweak baseball jersey/hat colors

v3.7.0 (03/26/2022)

  • Added baseball jerseys and hats

v3.6.0 (08/18/2021)

  • Added new football jersey style

v3.5.0 (06/14/2021)

  • Added ability to select which facial features to randomize in the editor UI
  • Improved Asian skin tones

v3.4.0 (03/18/2021)

  • Added some additional jersey options for football and basketball

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