Expand and Collapse Images With A CSS Accordion Slider

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Expand and Collapse Images With A CSS Accordion Slider


This is a pure HTML/CSS accordion slider designed to showcase your images in a fancy way.

It uses CSS and HTML radio inputs to create a horizontal slider that collapses images initially. When you click on an image, it smoothly expands to full size with a flexible bounce effect.

How to use it:

1. Add images as backgrounds to the label element.

  <label style="--_img: url(h1.jpeg)">
    <input type="radio" name="images" value="Image 1">
  <label style="--_img: url(2.jpeg)">
    <input type="radio" name="images" value="Image 2">
  <label style="--_img: url(3.jpg)">
    <input type="radio" name="images" value="Image 3" checked>
  <label style="--_img: url(4.jpeg)">
    <input type="radio" name="images" value="Image 4">
  <label style="--_img: url(5.webp)">
    <input type="radio" name="images" value="Image 5">

2. Import the following CSS snippets into your document.

/* uses Open Source CSS Variables for custom properties */
@import "https://unpkg.com/open-props" layer(design.system);
@layer demo {
  fieldset {
      var(--col-1, 1fr) 
      var(--col-2, 1fr) 
      var(--col-3, 1fr) 
      var(--col-4, 1fr) 
      var(--col-5, 1fr)
    @media (prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference) {
      transition: grid-template-columns 2s var(--ease-spring-5);
    &:has(label:nth-child(1) > input:checked) {
      --col-1: 5fr;
      --col-2: 3fr;
    &:has(label:nth-child(2) > input:checked) {
      --col-1: 2fr;
      --col-2: 5fr;
      --col-3: 2fr;
    &:has(label:nth-child(3) > input:checked) {
      --col-2: 2fr;
      --col-3: 5fr;
      --col-4: 2fr;
    &:has(label:nth-child(4) > input:checked) {
      --col-3: 2fr;
      --col-4: 5fr;
      --col-5: 2fr;
    &:has(label:nth-child(5) > input:checked) {
      --col-4: 3fr;
      --col-5: 5fr;
    > label {
      background-image: var(--_img);
      background-position: center;
      background-size: auto 125%;
@layer demo.support {
  html {
    background: var(--gradient-9);
    block-size: 100%;
  body {
    min-block-size: 100%;
    display: grid;
    place-content: center;
    padding: var(--size-5);
    gap: var(--size-5);
  fieldset {
    inline-size: 80vw;
    display: grid;
    grid-auto-flow: column;
    grid-template-rows: 50vh;
    gap: var(--size-3);
    border: none;
    > label {
      cursor: pointer;
      border-radius: var(--radius-4);
      &:focus-within {
        outline: 1px solid green;
        outline-offset: 5px;
      > input {
        opacity: 0;

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