Lightweight Full Page Scroll In Pure JavaScript – fullPage.js

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Lightweight Full Page Scroll In Pure JavaScript – fullPage.js


Just another JavaScript plugin that implements the touch-enabled fullscreen one page scroll effect for your single page web application using pure JavaScript.

How to use it:

Place the minified version of fullpage.js into your document when needed.

<script src="/path/to/fullPage.min.js"></script>

Assuming you have several fullscreen page sections like this:

<div id="main">
  <section class="section"></section>
  <section class="section"></section>
  <section class="section"></section>
  <section class="section"></section>

Initialize the fullPage.js by calling the FullPage function on the top element.

var page = new FullPage("#main");

Default config options.

var page = new FullPage("#main",{

    // section selector
    section: '.section',

    // animation options
    animationDuration: 700,
    animationTiming: 'ease',
    animationTranform: 'transform',

    // enable side navigation
    pagination: true,

    // enable keyboard navigation
    keyboard: true,

    // enable touch events
    touch: true,

    // touch limit in ms
    touchLimit: 100,

    // infinite loop
    loop: false,

    // callbacks
    onLeave: null,
    afterLoad: null,

Scroll the webpage to a specific section.


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