Top 10 JavaScript & CSS Carousels Of 2017

Here is a constantly updated list of the 10 best JavaScript and CSS Carousels we published on I hope you like it and don’t forget to spread the world.

10. Pure JavaScript Responsive Content Slider with CSS3 Animations – Leps Slider

Leps Slider

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Leps Slider is a simple-to-use JavaScript slideshow plugin for creating a responsive, fullscreen, carousel-style, fully configurable content slider that supports all CSS3 animations.

9. Basic Image Carousel With Pure JavaScript – siema.js


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siema.js is a minimal vanilla JavaScript plugin used for generating a basic yet customizable and draggable slider / carousel without any 3rd dependencies.

8. Responsive DIV Carousel With Pure CSS


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Just another CSS only carousel component which allows you to slide infinitely through a group of DIV elements using CSS3 transitions and transforms.

7. 3D Perspective Carousel with CSS3 Transforms


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A pure CSS 3D perspective carousel that automatically rotate through a group of html content using CSS3 transforms.

6. Basic Pure CSS Slideshow / Carousel


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CSS Carousal is a pure HTML/CSS slideshow which is animated without using Javascript. It uses radio buttons and labels to trigger the slideshow.

5. Basic Infinite Carousel with Vanilla JavaScript

Basic Infinite Carousel with Vanilla JavaScript

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A pure vanilla JavaScript library helps you create a simple image slider with basic carousel functionalities such as infinite scrolling, autoplay, pagination and navigation.

4. Simple Image Carousel Slider With Pure JavaScript

Simple Image Carousel Slider With Pure JavaScript

Demo Download

A simple, lightweight JavaScript carousel library that allows you to cycle through an array of images when clicked or tapped.

3. Touch-enabled Carousel Slider with Pure JavaScript – zSlider


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zSlider is a pure JavaScript library which takes a list of html elements and then converts them into a responsive, touch-enabled carousel slider.

2. Configurable JavaScript Slideshow / Carousel Library – Slideshow.js


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Slideshow.js is a pure JavaScript library for building a fully configurable, mobile-friendly slideshow / carousel to showcase your images.

1.  Touch-enabled Pure JavaScript Carousel


Demo Download

A basic, mobile-friendly JavaScript carousel that enables you slide infinitely through a group of html elements with touch swipe support.

Bonus: Recommended Carousels:

Automatic Rotate Carousel In Pure CSS

Automatic Rotate Carousel Demo

Demo Download

This is a CSS/CSS3 only image carousel that automatically rotates through a group of elements with a fancy rotation animation.

Dead Simple Image Carousel In Pure JavaScript – simpleSlider.js


Demo Download

simpleSlider.js is an ultra-light JavaScript slider plugin for creating a responsive, CSS-less, touch swipe-enabled, fully configurable image carousel with smooth rAF powered animations.

Mobile-friendly Image Carousel In Vanilla JavaScript – CrystalSlider.js


Demo Download

CrystalSlider.js an independent vanilla JavaScript plugin that lets you create a responsive, drag/touch-enabled and user-friendly image slider/carousel for your web applications.

Easy Responsive Carousel In Vanilla JavaScript – Ideal Image Slider


Demo Download

Ideal Image Slider is a standalone and easy-to-use JS library that lets you create responsive, accessible, extensible, touchable, retina-ready images sliders with smooth CSS3 powered slide or fade transitions.

Creating A Linear Image Carousel with Pure CSS

Creating A Linear Image Carousel with Pure CSS

Demo Download

A pure CSS/HTML image carousel which enables you to loop through a series of images by mouse click. Based on Html checkbox input and CSS :pseudo elements.

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