Pure JavaScript For Creating Customizable Modals – frontrow

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Pure JavaScript For Creating Customizable Modals – frontrow


frontrow is a lightweight JavaScript library let you create customizable and CSS styleable modal windows on the website/web apps.

Basic usage:

Place the frontrow.css in the header for default modal styles.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/frontrow.css">

Create a button to launch a basic modal.

<button class="btn" id="basic">Launch</button>

Set the modal content in the JavaScript.

frontrow('basic', {title: "I'm a modal!"});

All the available options.

frontrow('basic', {
  title: "I'm a modal!",
  overlayColor: "#bada55",
  confirmBtnText: "Confirm",
  cancelBtnText: "cancel",
  overlayColor: "white",
  overlayOpacity: 0.8,
  width: "300px",
  height: null,
  confirmCallback: function (){},
  openCallback: function (){}



  • Added openCallback option

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