Simple Growl-like Notifications with Pure JavaScript – notiFire

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Simple Growl-like Notifications with Pure JavaScript – notiFire


notiFire is a simple JavaScript library intended to display growl-style notification messages on your webpage / web application. It comes up with 5 built-in notification types and you can add your own styles whatever you like in the CSS.

Basic usage:

Load the notiFire.css for basic styles and themes.

<link href="css/notiFire.css" rel="stylesheet">

Load the notiFire.js library in your document.

<script src="js/notiFire.js"></script>

Create a simple notification message.

  msg: 'this is a test message'

Default settings.

// default, success, info, warning, danger
types: 'default',
// width of the notify bar
width: 200,
// height of the notify bar
height: 50,
// left, right
position: 'left',
// notification message
msg: 'This is message by default',
// auto close after the specified timeout
timeout: 5000

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