10 Best Gallery Lightbox Libraries In Pure JavaScript (2020 Update)

Here is a constantly updated list of the 10 best Vanilla JavaScript based Gallery Lightbox Libraries to present your images & products in an elegant way.

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Originally Published Nov 22 2017, updated Feb 16 2020

1. Responsive Lightbox Gallery With Pure JavaScript And CSS3 – lightGallery

Responsive Lightbox Gallery With Pure JavaScript And CSS3 – lightGallery

Demo Download

lightGallery.js is a responsive, touch-enabled, dependency-free JavaScript lightbox gallery library which enables you to present various types of media (images, videos, etc) in a fullscreen, scalable, navigatable, shareable, downloadable and CSS3 animated gallery popup.

2. Simple Gallery Lightbox with Javascript and CSS3 – baguetteBox.js

Simple Gallery Lightbox with Javascript and CSS3 - baguetteBox.js

Demo Download

baguetteBox.js is a simple, lightweight, mobile-friendly Javascript library for displaying a gallery of images in a fully responsive & customizable lightbox. You can navigate through the gallery images with arrows navigation or swipe gestures on touch devices.

3. Accessible Mobile-friendly Image Viewer – SmartPhoto


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SmartPhoto is a standalone JavaScript library for creating an accessible, responsive, mobile-friendly image viewer where the users are able to view all images in an easy-to-navigate modal popup.

4. Full-featured Image Viewer In Pure JavaScript – spotlight.js

Full-featured Image Viewer In Pure JavaScript - spotlight.js

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spotlight.js is a small yet powerful JavaScript library that enables your visitor to view images and/or image groups in a fullscreen gallery popup.

5. Minimal Image & Video LigthtBox In Pure JavaScript – BigPicture.js


Demo Download

BigPicture.js is a lightweight, CSS-less, responsive image & video viewer/lightbox built in pure javaScript. Supports local/remote images and Youtube/Vimeo/HTML5 videos.

6. Elegant Any Content Gallery Lightbox In Pure JavaScript – GLightbox


Demo Download

GLightbox is a simple yet powerful, mobile-friendly gallery lightbox plugin written in pure JavaScript and CSS/CSS3.

7. Pure JavaScript / CSS Powered Photo Gallery Popup – zoomwall.js


Demo Download

zoomwall.js is a JavaScript library for creating a neat, compact thumbnail grid which expands into a fullscreen gallery lightbox as you click on a thumbnail image.

8. Touch-enabled Any Content Lightbox In Vanilla JavaScript – Tobi

Touch-enabled Any Content Lightbox In Vanilla JavaScript - Tobi-min

Demo Download

Tobi is a simple-to-use JavaScript lightbox plugin that supports any content types: images, iframes, videos, HTML elements, etc.

9. Pure CSS Animated Image Lightbox / Gallery – Perfundo


Demo Download

Perfundo is a pure CSS lightbox library that presents your single or multiple images in a responsive, animated lightbox/gallery popup.

10. Easy Touch-enabled Image Lightbox & Gallery With JavaScript – halkaBox.js


Demo Download

halkaBox.js is a responsive, customizable, touch-enabled and CSS3 animated JavaScript lightbox library that supports both single image and image galleries.

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