10 Best Smooth Scroll JavaScript Plugins Of 2018

Smooth Scroll is a modern web design pattern that enables the visitor to smoothly scroll the web page to a particular position. In this post,  you will see the 10 best JavaScript libraries/plugins for the smooth scroll functionality without any 3rd dependencies (e.g. jQuery). I hope you like it and help me spread the world.

Originally Published Dec 05 2017, updated Dec 11 2018

Top 10 Smooth Scroll JavaScript Plugins:

1. moveTo.js


Demo Download

moveTo.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that allows for scroll smoothly between content sections within the document. Powered by window.requestAnimationFrame() API and fully configurable via both JavaScript and Data attributes.

2 scrollspy.js

Scrollspy & Smooth Scroll Library – scrollspy.js

Demo Download

A lightweight pure JavaScript scrollspy library that enables the navigation links to smoothly scroll between page sections with scrollspy support.

3. smoothScroll.js


Demo Download

smoothScroll is a super tiny (~2kb) JavaScript library which enables your webpage scrolling to specified position within the document.

4. scroll.js

Fast Smooth Scroll To Functionality In Pure JavaScript – scroll.js

Demo Download

scroll.js is a performant, blazing fast scroll to library in pure JavaScript that smoothly scrolls the whole page to a specific point (or element) within the document.

5. SmoothScroll.js

Basic Smooth Scroll In Vanilla JavaScript – SmoothScroll.js

Demo Download

Yet another smooth scroll library in pure JavaScript that enables the internal anchor link to smoothly scroll to a specific point at a given speed.

6. jetpack.js

Custom Smooth Scroll Library – jetpack.js

Demo Download

The  jetpack.js JavaScript library allows the page to smoothly scroll between anchor linkswithin the document.

7. smoothie

Performant Smooth Scroll JavaScript Library – smoothie

Demo Download

A lightweight, performant JavaScript smooth scroll library which enables the page/anchor links to smoothly scroll between sections using Element.scrollIntoView() API.

8. luxy.js

Smooth Inertial & Parallax Scroll Effects In JavaScript – luxy.js

Demo Download

luxy.js is a lightweight JavaScript plugin which applies smooth inertial scroll and parallax scroll effects to your webpage.

9. scrooth

Smooth Scroll With Inertia Support – scrooth

Demo Download

scrooth is a small JavaScript library that adds a configurable, momentum style smooth scroll effect to the native page scroll.

10. skrollTop.js

Pure JavaScript Smooth Scroll With Easing Effects – skrollTop.js

Demo Download

skrollTop.js is a pure JavaScript smooth scroll plugin that smoothly scrolls the page to a specific point within the document. Without any dependencies.

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