7 Best One Page Scroll JavaScript Libraries (2021 Update)

One page scroll technology is now widely used in cross-browser single-page applications (SPA).

I reviewed all the libraries posted on CSSScript.com and list here the 7 best and most downloaded solutions for developers to quickly implement the one page scroll effect on the web & mobile app.

Originally Published Jan 2019, updated Mar 30, 2021

1. Side Navigation For One Page Scroll Website – dot-nav

Side Navigation For One Page Scroll Website - dot-nav

Demo Download

The dot-nav JavaScript library automatically generates a vertical side navigation for one page scrolling website.

2. Cross-platform Smooth One Page Scrolling With Pure JavaScript – fullPageScrollPureJS


Demo Download

A pure JavaScript / CSS implementation of cross-platform smooth one page scrolling effect with no 3rd dependencies.

3. Easy One Page Scroll Navigation Library – slide-nav

Easy One Page Scroll Navigation Library – slide-nav

Demo Download

A lightweight, easy-to-use JavaScript plugin used to create a sticky navigation for your one page scrolling webpages. Scrollspy and smooth scrolling are supported as well.

4. fullPage.js


Demo Download

Just another JavaScript plugin that implements the touch-enabled fullscreen one page scroll effect for your single page web application using pure JavaScript.

5. onepagescroll.js


Demo Download

A lightweight JavaScript library that makes it easier to create a smooth scrolling effect with a side page navigation for your one-page website / single page application. Keyboard navigation and touch events supported.

6. Vertical One Page Scroll Plugin With JavaScript – Cachu Slider

Vertical One Page Scroll Plugin With JavaScript - Cachu Slider-min

Demo Download

Cachu Slider is a robust JavaScript page slider plugin that helps you create a fully responsive one page scrolling website or single page webapp with ease.

7. Fullscreen Scrolling Presentation In JavaScript – Pageable


Demo Download

Pageable is a lightweight JavaScript library to generate a fullscreen scrolling presentation where the users are allowed to scroll through sectioned pages with drag, swipe, and mouse wheel events.

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