Accessible Autocomplete Component In Vanilla JavaScript – Autocomplete

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Accessible Autocomplete Component In Vanilla JavaScript – Autocomplete


A fast, dynamic, accessible (WAI-ARIA) compliant autocomplete component written in vanilla JavaScript.

It is highly customizable via CSS and supports asynchronous data fetching.

Also can be used as a component for Vue.js apps.

Basic usage:

Install & Download.

# Yarn
$ yarn add @trevoreyre/autocomplete-js
$ npm install @trevoreyre/autocomplete-js --save

Or include the stylesheet and JavaScript from a CDN.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

Create an input field and an empty result list for the autocomplete component.

<div id="autocomplete" class="autocomplete">
  <input class="autocomplete-input"
    placeholder="Search for a country"
    aria-label="Search for a country"
  <ul class="autocomplete-results"></ul>

Initialize the component and specify the target container element.

new Autocomplete('#autocomplete', {
    // options here

Use the search function to load and live search the data. Can be a synchronous function or a Promise.

window['countries'] = [
new Autocomplete('#autocomplete', {
    search: input => {
      if (input.length < 1) { return [] }
      return countries.filter(country => {
        return country.toLowerCase()

More options & functions to customize the autocomplete component.

new Autocomplete('#autocomplete', {
    // fired on submit
    onSubmit: Function,
    // fired on update
    onUpdate: Function,
    // CSS class
    baseClass: 'autocomplete'
    // highlights the first result
    autoSelect: false,
    // aria-label or aria-labelledby for result list
    resultListLabel: '',
    // immediately call onSubmit on result when pressing Enter
    submitOnEnter: false,
    // executed to get the value of results
    getResultValue: Function,
    // overrides default rendering of results list
    renderResults: Function  


v3.0.2 (04/04/2024)

  • Fixed class and style attributes not rendered on root tag to preserve Vue 2.x inheritAttrs behaviour.

v3.0.1 (04/02/2024)

  • Updated storybook to v8.0. Updated stories to new format
  • Updated dev dependencies
  • BREAKING: Updated node.js version to 18 (newer versions untested)
  • BREAKING: Updated vue component for Vue.js 3.x

v2.4.1 (01/17/2023)

  • Prevent default action (i. e. form submit) when selecting an entry from result list with Enter while submitOnEnter: false

v2.4.0 (01/10/2023)

  • Added submitOnEnter option to control whether or not results should be submitted immediately after selecting them by pressing Enter
  • Added resultListLabel option to provide aria-label or aria-labelledby attribute for result list

v2.3.0 (11/03/2020)

  • Fixed W3C validation error regarding the attribute autocorrect by changing it to be optional

v2.2.0 (02/29/2020)

  • Added onUpdate event when the results list is updated

v2.1.1 (02/29/2020)

  • Updated dev dependencies

v2.1.0 (01/11/2020)

  • Added debounceTime prop for async search functions

v2.0.4 (12/28/2019)

  • Fix: Reverted back to autocomplete=”off” to disable browser auto-fill
  • Fix: Set autocomplete attribute to “disabled-autocomplete” to disable auto-fill in Chrome

v2.0.2 (06/29/2019)

  • Fix: Include extra attributes in inputProps when using default slot
  • Fix: Compute aria-activedescendant attribute properly
  • Changed default class for results list from autocomplete-results to autocomplete-result-list
  • Changed default ID for results list from autocomplete-results-{id} to autocomplete-result-list-{id}
  • Call search function on focus
  • Removed renderResults option and replaced with renderResult, which can be used to control rendering of a single result item. This function can return either a DOM element or an HTML string.

v1.0.2 (05/02/2019)

  • Added support for input events in Vue component.

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