Accessible Mobile-friendly Image Viewer – SmartPhoto

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Accessible Mobile-friendly Image Viewer – SmartPhoto


SmartPhoto is a standalone JavaScript library for creating an accessible, responsive, mobile-friendly image viewer where the users are able to view all images in an easy-to-navigate modal popup.

More features:

  • Supports touch gestures.
  • Supports single and/or grouped images.
  • Supports keyboard interactions.
  • Custom image captions.

Install the SmartPhoto:

# Yarn
yarn add smartphoto
$ npm install smartphoto

How to use it:

Link to the SmartPhoto’s JavaScript and CSS files.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="smartphoto.min.css"></script>
<script src="smartphoto.min.js"></script>

Add a group of images to the webpage using the following HTML tags and attributes:

  • img: path to the small image
  • a: path to the large image
  • data-caption: image caption
  • data-id: image ID
  • data-group: used to group your images
<a href="large-1.jpg" class="js-smartPhoto" data-caption="Caption 1" data-id="id-1">
  <img src="small-1.jpg" data-group="group">
<a href="large-2.jpg" class="js-smartPhoto" data-caption="Caption 2" data-id="id-2">
  <img src="small-2.jpg" data-group="group">
<a href="large-3.jpg" class="js-smartPhoto" data-caption="Caption 3" data-id="id-3">
  <img src="small-3.jpg" data-group="group">

Enable the image viewer with default options.

  new smartPhoto(".js-smartPhoto");

All default configuration options.

  new smartPhoto(".js-smartPhoto",{
      // enables navigation arrows
      arrows: true,
      // enables navigation images
      nav: true,
      // enables animation 
      showAnimation: true,
      // enables vertical gravity
      verticalGravity: false,
      // uses accelerometer to move images
      useOrientationApi: false,
      // uses history API
      useHistoryApi: true,
      // swipe to close
      swipeTopToClose: false,
      swipeBottomToClose: true,
      // swipe offset in px
      swipeOffset: 100,
      // header & footer height
      headerHeight: 60,
      footerHeight: 60,
      // frequency to apply force to images
      forceInterval: 10,
      // scroll offset to load images
      loadOffset: 2,
      // resize images to fill/fit on the screen
      resizeStyle: 'fit',
      // default attribute for lazy load
      lazyAttribute: 'data-src'
      // default CSS classes
      classNames: {
        smartPhoto: 'smartphoto',
        smartPhotoClose: 'smartphoto-close',
        smartPhotoBody: 'smartphoto-body',
        smartPhotoInner: 'smartphoto-inner',
        smartPhotoContent: 'smartphoto-content',
        smartPhotoImg: 'smartphoto-img',
        smartPhotoImgOnMove: 'smartphoto-img-onmove',
        smartPhotoImgElasticMove: 'smartphoto-img-elasticmove',
        smartPhotoImgWrap: 'smartphoto-img-wrap',
        smartPhotoArrows: 'smartphoto-arrows',
        smartPhotoNav: 'smartphoto-nav',
        smartPhotoArrowRight: 'smartphoto-arrow-right',
        smartPhotoArrowLeft: 'smartphoto-arrow-left',
        smartPhotoArrowHideIcon: 'smartphoto-arrow-hide',
        smartPhotoImgLeft: 'smartphoto-img-left',
        smartPhotoImgRight: 'smartphoto-img-right',
        smartPhotoList: 'smartphoto-list',
        smartPhotoListOnMove: 'smartphoto-list-onmove',
        smartPhotoHeader: 'smartphoto-header',
        smartPhotoCount: 'smartphoto-count',
        smartPhotoCaption: 'smartphoto-caption',
        smartPhotoDismiss: 'smartphoto-dismiss',
        smartPhotoLoader: 'smartphoto-loader',
        smartPhotoLoaderWrap: 'smartphoto-loader-wrap',
        smartPhotoImgClone: 'smartphoto-img-clone'
      // default messages
      message: {
        gotoNextImage: 'go to the next image',
        gotoPrevImage: 'go to the previous image',
        closeDialog: 'close the image dialog'

API methods.

// zoom in/out images
// go to a specific image
// add new images
// destroy the instance

Event handlers.

  // open
  // close
  // all images are loaded
  // on change
  // on swipe start


v1.6.5 (06/14/2023)

  • update

v1.6.0 (11/25/2019)

  • add destroy event
  • doc updated

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  1. Mosleh Uddin

    Is there any option to loop. when image end starts from first. arrow will always show.

    1. Sandesh Sapkota

      How to disable the (bottom par)t images thumbnails ?

  2. Qronicle

    The data-group attribute needs to be on the anchor element instead of the image within in order to work.


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