Interactive SVG World Map Library – svgMap.js

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Interactive SVG World Map Library – svgMap.js


The svgMap.js lets you create an interactive, SVG powered world map on the webpage, with support for Info Window which can be used to present any data when the user hovers over a specific country and region.

How to use it:

Load the required svgMap.css and svgMap.js files in the document.

<link href="/dist/svgMap.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="/dist/svgMap.js"></script>

Create a container element to place the world map.

<div id="svgMapExample"></div>

Create a new svgMap object to render a world map inside the container.

new svgMap({
    targetElementID: 'svgMapExample',

To present data in the world map, following these steps:

// GDP data
var svgMapDataGPD = {
    data: {
      gdp: {
        name: 'GDP per capita',
        format: '{0} USD',
        thousandSeparator: ',',
        thresholdMax: 50000,
        thresholdMin: 1000
      change: {
        name: 'Change to year before',
        format: '{0} %'
      gdpAdjusted: {
        name: 'Purchasing Power Parity',
        format: '{0} USD',
        thousandSeparator: ',',
        thresholdMax: 50000,
        thresholdMin: 1000
      changeAdjusted: {
        name: 'Change to year before',
        format: '{0} %'
    applyData: 'gdpAdjusted',
    values: {
      AF: {gdp: 587, change: 4.73, gdpAdjusted: 1958, changeAdjusted: 0.02},
      link: '',
      linkTarget: '_blank'
new svgMap({
    targetElementID: 'svgMapExample',
    data: svgMapDataGPD

Default options to customize the world map.

// The element to render the map in
targetElementID: '',
// Minimum and maximum zoom
minZoom: 1,
maxZoom: 25,
// Initial zoom
initialZoom: 1.06,
// Initial pan
initialPan: {
  x: 0,
  y: 0
// Zoom sensitivity
zoomScaleSensitivity: 0.2,
// Zoom with mousewheel
mouseWheelZoomEnabled: true,
// Allow zooming only when one of the following keys is pressed: 'shift', 'control', 'alt' (Windows), 'command' (MacOS), 'option' (MacOS)
mouseWheelZoomWithKey: false,
// The message to show for non MacOS systems
mouseWheelKeyMessage: 'Press the [ALT] key to zoom',
// The message to show for MacOS
mouseWheelKeyMessageMac: 'Press the [COMMAND] key to zoom',
// Data colors
colorMax: '#CC0033',
colorMin: '#FFE5D9',
colorNoData: '#E2E2E2',
// Color attribute for setting a manual color in the data object
manualColorAttribute: 'color',
// The flag type can be 'image' or 'emoji'
flagType: 'image',
// The URL to the flags when using flag type 'image', {0} will get replaced with the lowercase country id
// Decide whether to show the flag option or not
hideFlag: false,
// Whether attributes with no data should be displayed
hideMissingData: false,
// The default text to be shown when no data is present
noDataText: 'No data available',
// Set to true to open the link on mobile devices, set to false (default) to show the tooltip
touchLink: false,
// Set to true to show the to show a zoom reset button
showZoomReset: false,
// Called when a tooltip is created to custimize the tooltip content
onGetTooltip: function (tooltipDiv, countryID, countryValues) {
  return null;
// Country specific options
countries: {
  // Western Sahara: Set to false to combine Morocco (MA) and Western Sahara (EH)
  EH: true,
  // Crimea: Set to 'RU' to make the Crimea part of Russia, by default it is part of the Ukraine
  Crimea: 'UA'
// Set to true to show a drop down menu with the continents
showContinentSelector: false,


v2.10.0 (06/27/2022)

  • Added option to hide missing data

v2.9.0 (05/31/2022)

  • Updated Equatorial Guinea (GQ) added Bioko Island

v2.8.0 (05/24/2022)

  • Added option to reset zoom
  • Added option to zoom to a specific continent

v2.7.2 (03/08/2022)

  • Prevent firing click when dragging.

v2.7.1 (08/29/2021)

  • Added flags to EURO demo

v2.7.0 (08/23/2021)

  • Added option to allow mouse wheel zooming only with specific keys pressed
  • Added option to add Crimea to Russia to solve issue
  • Added country Kosovo
  • Minor bugfixes and adjustments

v2.6.0 (08/19/2021)

  • Manually set country color

v2.5.2 (07/30/2021)

  • Added option initialPan
  • Fixes a bug that shows the wrong color when value is below the minimal threshold
  • Adds new option for custom tooltips

v2.3.0 (07/28/2021)

  • Added option to open links on mobile devices

v2.2.2 (07/18/2021)

  • Fixes map data maker

v2.2.1 (07/17/2021)

  • Fixes wrong color calculation bug when there is no ratio

v2.2.0 (06/22/2021)

  • Added option to set the target of links

v2.1.1 (02/27/2021)

  • Fixes color bug

v2.1.0 (02/26/2021)

  • You can now add links to each country.

v2.0.4 (02/17/2021)

  • Refactored to make svgMap working with bundlers
  • Fixed umd wrapper
  • Added build files
  • Fixed es6 compatibility
  • Minor fix

v1.6.0 (12/30/2020)

  • Added accessibility

v1.5.0 (05/14/2020)

  • Added tooltip support for mobile devices

v1.4.2 (03/27/2020)

  • Fixed slightly off position of Monaco
  • Minor text changes

v1.4.0 (03/27/2020)

  • Increased default max zoom to 25, so that smaller countries are selectable
  • Added missing countries
  • Added option to combine Morocco (MA) with Western Sahara (EH)
  • Fixed country Andorra (AD)
  • Fixed the path creator asset

v1.3.4 (03/12/2020)

  • Add MA and EH combined

v1.3.3 (02/12/2020)

  • Fixed: Singapore no longer accessible after hovering over Malaysia

v1.3.2 (01/12/2020)

  • Improved z-indexes

v1.3.1 (01/10/2020)

  • Fixed minor margin offset when hideFlag is option is set
  • Fixed Gulp watch task
  • Minor version bump

v1.3.0 (01/08/2020)

  • Added option hideFlag
  • Added option noDataText
  • Fixed vulnerabilities

v1.2.1 (11/01/2019)

  • Added main to package file
  • Version bump

v1.2.0 (05/16/2019)

  • Change default flag type to image
  • Minor fixes and improvements

v1.1.0 (05/15/2019)

  • Bugfix

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