10 Best Toggle Switch JavaScript And CSS Libraries Of 2018

This is a collection of 10 best JavaScript and/or CSS libraries that transform the normal checkboxes, radio buttons or even any elements into switch-style toggle buttons for better user experience.

10. Realistic Switch With Pure CSS

Create A Realistic Switch With Pure CSS & CSS3

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A pure CSS solution to style the native checboxes and radio buttons using CSS / CSS3 rules and Font Awesome icons.

9. Pure CSS/CSS3 Smooth Toggle Switch

Pure CSS CSS3 Smooth Toggle Swtich

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A tutorial about creating a stylish, smooth, checkbox based switch button with CSS3 transitions.

8. Pure CSS Switches For Checkbox and Radio Inputs


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A pure CSS solution that transforms regular checkboxes or radio inputs into toggle switches.

7. Accessible Switch Controls with SCSS

Creating Accessible Switch Controls with Pure CSS (SCSS)

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A minimal CSS (SCSS)  library used to convert the standard radio buttons into accessible, nice-looking switch controls using CSS3 transitions and 3D transforms.

6. Checkbox Based Toggle Buttons with JavaScript


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ToggleableButton.js is a small JavaScript library that converts a regular checkbox input ino a toggleable switch control.

5. Accessible CSS Only Toggle Switches


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A pure CSS approach to creating beautiful, accessible toggle switches from checkboxes and radio buttons. Compatible with Bootstrap and Foundation CSS frameworks.

4. iOS Switcher

iOS Switcher

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iOS Switcher uses Bootstrap grid styles and Html/CSS to create smooth, iOS-style switches with gooey effect.

3. iOS Animated Switch Control

iOS 7 Style Animated Switch Control With Javascript and CSS3

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A small Javascript widget to convert a checkbox into an iOS 7 styled on/off switch with CSS3 transitions.

2. Material Style Toggle Switches with Pure CSS

Material Style Toggle Switches

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Material Design inspired on / off switches which allows the visitor to toggle the state by clicking  or tapping.  This technique makes use of the CSS pseudo elements, input label tricks and CSS3 transitions / transforms.

1. iOS Style Switches with Pure CSS

iOS 7 Style Switches with Pure CSS CSS3

Demo Download

A pure CSS solution to create animated iOS 7 style switches with labels using CSS3 box-shadow and transition properties.