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CSS Reset For Modern Web Development – normal.css


normal.css is a super tiny (~600kb) CSS reset library that provides a consistent, cross-browser foundation for your CSS styles. It eliminates the need to write repetitive reset rules and allows you to focus on writing your own styles without worrying about browser inconsistencies.

normal.css offers several enhancements over traditional CSS reset libraries like normalize.css, such as better support for responsive media, improved text rendering, and a more comprehensive set of reset rules. These features make it easier to build modern, responsive web applications with beautiful typography and consistent styling across all devices.

How to use it:

1. Install the normal.css with NPM.

$ npm install @master/normal.css

2. Import the normal.css into your project.

// All in one
@import '@master/normal.css';
// Import on-demand
@import '@master/normal.css/better-text-appearance.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/eliminate-click-delays.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/improve-user-recognition.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/intuitive-sizing-control.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/readable-tab-size.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/responsive-media-elements.css';
/* consistent */
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-abbreviation-styles.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-bold-styles.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-control-styles.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-horizontal-lines.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-small-styles.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-superscript-subscript.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/consistent-table-styles.css';
/* remove */
@import '@master/normal.css/remove-anchor-styles.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/remove-control-styles.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/remove-default-borders.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/remove-default-spacing.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/remove-tap-highlight.css';
@import '@master/normal.css/remove-list-styles.css';

3. Or load the normal.css from a CDN.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.master.co/normal.css">


v2.1.1 (03/12/2024)

  • Merge rules by same selecto

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