Create Cursor-Attracted Elements With Magnetic Elements Library

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Create Cursor-Attracted Elements With Magnetic Elements Library


Magnetic Elements is a Vanilla JavaScript library that makes elements on your web page respond to cursor movement in a magnetic-like manner.

This effect can be applied to various HTML elements, including images, buttons, or text, giving your web projects interactivity and dynamism.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the magnetic-elements.

# Yarn
$ yarn add @toon.rombaut/magnetic-elements
$ npm i @toon.rombaut/magnetic-elements
import { MagneticElementsController } from "@toon.rombaut/magnetic-elements";
// OR
<script type="module">
  import MagneticElementsController from "./src/MagneticElementsController/magneticElementsController.js";

2. Attach this cursor-triggered magnetic effect to the specified element.

<h1 magnetic-element>Magnetic Elements Examples</h1>
<button magnetic-element>I'm a magnetic button</button>
<p magnetic-element >I'm a magnetic paragraph.</p>

3. Initialize the Magnetic Elements.

const magneticElementsController = new MagneticElementsController();

4. Config the magnetic effect.

const magneticElementsController = new MagneticElementsController({
      // Set to true if you are using your own external RAF loop.
      standalone: false,
      // The size of the area around the elements to trigger the magnetic effect.
      triggerArea: 300,
      // The interpolation factor used by the lerp function.
      interpolationFactor: 0.5,
      // The strength of the magnetic effect.
      magneticForce: 0.5,
      // Use mouse position relative to the client.
      useAbsoluteMousePosition: false,

5. API methods.

// Manually trigger the resize method.
// Manually trigger an update of the magnetic elements. 
// Destroy


v1.1.0 (09/03/2023)

  • added option to set mouse position relative to the window;

v1.0.3 (09/02/2023)

  • Code cleanup
  • Bugfix

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