Easy GUID/UUID Generator In Vanilla JavaScript

Category: Javascript | March 18, 2023
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Easy GUID/UUID Generator In Vanilla JavaScript


An easy-to-use GUID/UUID Generator that can generate unique identifiers with a single click. Great for web developers who need a reliable and efficient way to create Universally Unique Identifiers.

How to use it:

1. Download and load the main JavaScript in the document.

<script src="lib/main.js"></script>

2. Code the HTML for the UUID generator.

<section class="tooltip">
  <section class="mainKey" id="mainKey">
    <h3 class="key" id="keyID">0b13b44d-5d78-9bb7-5012-497e8b8f6574</h3>
  <span class="tooltiptext" id="myTooltip">Copy to clipboard</span>
<section class="button-gen-new">
  <button id="btn-gen-new">generate new key!</button>
<section class="previousKey" id="previousKey">
  <h5>previous key: </h5>
  <h5 class="key" id="previous-keyID">9aa97534-c081-79a6-3c86-b17fe4a19287</h3> 

3. Open the HTML page and generate a new UUID by clicking the ‘generate new key’ button.

4. Click to copy the key to the clipboard.


v0.0.5 (03/18/2023)

  • clean code friendly.

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