Hide & Encode Email Address To Prevent Spam Bot – jsNoSpam

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Hide & Encode Email Address To Prevent Spam Bot – jsNoSpam


The jsNoSpam library lets you encode & hide email addresses to prevent from the spambot. Based on the ROT13.

By default, the library uses onmouseover event to reveal the hidden email.

How to use it:

Download and link to the jsNoSpam library in the document.

<script type="text/javascript" src="jsNoSpam.js"></script>

Create a jsNSemail object and insert your Email address into the document. Don’t forget to replace @ with *.


Customize the text to replace the default reveal text.

jsNSemail("admin*cssscript.com", true,"show <b><i>me</i></b> the <b>email address</b>");

Always show the Email address.

jsNSemail("admin*cssscript.com", false);

Add a CSS class to the Email address.

jsNSemail("admin*cssscript.com", true,"show <b><i>me</i></b> the <b>email address</b>",styleClass);



  • Add StyleClass

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