Highlight Text Matches With The Orama Highlight JavaScript Library

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Highlight Text Matches With The Orama Highlight JavaScript Library


The Orama Highlight JavaScript library allows you to mark specific words or phrases in a given input string.

Can be helpful for highlighting search terms in results, drawing attention to keywords in articles, and processing text for analysis.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the Orama Highlight.

$ npm i @orama/highlight
import { highlight } from '@orama/highlight'

2. Its main function takes a string and substring to highlight and returns HTML with the matches wrapped in markup. The included toString method outputs this HTML, while positions stores match indexes.

const inputString = 'CSSScript.Com: A JavaScript & CSS website.'
const toHighlight = 'css'
const highlighted = highlight(inputString, toHighlight)
// => <mark class="orama-highlight">css</mark>Script.Com: A JavaScript & <mark class="orama-highlight">css</mark> website.
// [
//    {
//      start: 2,
//      end: 0
//    }, {
//      start: 32,
//      end: 30
//    }
//  ]

3. Orama Highlight Highlight offers customization through an optional third parameter, enabling case-sensitive highlighting, whole word emphasis, as well as the ability to choose your HTML tags and CSS classes.

const highlighted = highlight(inputString, toHighlight, {
      caseSensitive: true,
      wholeWords: true, 
      HTMLTag: 'div', 
      CSSClass: 'my-custom-class'


v0.1.0 (10/22/2023)

  • Adds infinite loop protection
  • Adds trim function

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