Lightweight Human Readable Date & Time Library – timeago.js

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Lightweight Human Readable Date & Time Library – timeago.js


timeago.js is a lightweight and pure JavaScript version of the familiar jQuery timeago plugin that allows to parse and format dates & times using natural language like ‘5 minutes ago’.

Basic usage:

Install and import the timeago.js in your web project.

npm install timeago.js
import timeago from 'timeago.js';
<script src="dist/timeago.min.js"></script>

Create a new timeago object and format a specified date time as follow:

var timeago = timeago();

Format and render the date & time inside a specific container.

<div class="demo" data-timeago="2016-09-12 00:20:00"></div>

Customize the output strings.

var myDict = function(number, index) {
    return [
      ['just now', 'a while'],
      ['%s seconds ago', 'in %s seconds'],
      ['1 minute ago', 'in 1 minute'],
      ['%s minutes ago', 'in %s minutes'],
      ['1 hour ago', 'in 1 hour'],
      ['%s hours ago', 'in %s hours'],
      ['1 day ago', 'in 1 day'],
      ['%s days ago', 'in %s days'],
      ['1 week ago', 'in 1 week'],
      ['%s weeks ago', 'in %s weeks'],
      ['1 month ago', 'in 1 month'],
      ['%s months ago', 'in %s months'],
      ['1 year ago', 'in 1 year'],
      ['%s years ago', 'in %s years']

var timeago = timeago();
timeago.register('myStrings', myDict);

timeago.format('2016-09-12', 'myStrings');



  • v4.0.0-beta.2


  • v4.0.0


  • v3.0.2

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