Lightweight JavaScript Library For Displaying Date with Custom Format – lengthy

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Lightweight JavaScript Library For Displaying Date with Custom Format – lengthy


lengthy is a small and easy-to-use JavaScript library for displaying current date or a specific date with custom formats.

How to use it:

Add lengtht.js JavaScript library to your web page.

<script src="src/lengthy.js"></script>

Create an empty element to display the formatted date.

<span id="date"></span>

Format current local date.

var date = lengthy('dd.MM.YY', new Date());
document.querySelector('#date').innerHTML = date;

Format a specific date.

var date = new Date();
lengthy('MM.dd.YYYY', date); // 08.26.2020
document.querySelector('#date').innerHTML = date;

Full date format properties.

  • YYYY: 4 digits year.
  • YY: Last 2 digits of year.
  • MMMM: Full name of month.
  • MMM: Short name of month.
  • MM: ISO8601-compatible number of month (i.e. zero-padded) in year (with January being 1st month).
  • M: Number of month in year without zero-padding (with January being 1st month).
  • DD: Full name of day.
  • D: Short name of day.
  • dd: Zero-padded number of day in month.
  • d: Number of day in month.
  • HH: Zero-padded 24 hour time.
  • H: 24 hour time.
  • hh: Zero-padded 12 hour time.
  • h: 12 hour time.
  • mm: Zero-padded minutes.
  • m: minutes.
  • ss: Zero-padded seconds.
  • s: Seconds.
  • ff: Zero-padded milleseconds, 3 digits.
  • f: Milleseconds.
  • A: AM/PM.
  • a: am/pm.
  • Z: Time-zone in ISO8601-compatible format (i.e. “-04:00”).

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