Modular Table Sorting Library – IntlTableSort

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Modular Table Sorting Library – IntlTableSort


A tiny, fast table sorting JavaScript library that supports numbers, dates & times and lowercase/uppercase strings.

How to use it:

1. Load the core JavaScript file IntlTableSort.js in the document.

<script src="IntlTableSort.js"></script>

2. Enable the sorting functionality on an HTML column.

<th onclick="tableSort(this)">Code</th>

3. Sort table columns by lowercase/uppercase strings.

<script src="IntlTableSort.Number.js"></script>
<th onclick="stringTableSort(this,'Lower','en')">Name</th>

4. Sort table columns by dates & times.

<script src="IntlTableSort.DateTime.js"></script>
<th onclick="dateTimeTableSort(this,'DateTime')">Birthday</th>

5. Sort numbers in your HTML table.

<script src="IntlTableSort.String.js"></script>
<th onclick="numberTableSort(this,true)">GDP per capita (2011)</th>

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  1. Coder

    Great, this is the international table sorting library I’m looking for!


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