Pixelate Images Using JavaScript And Canvas – pixasso-js

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Pixelate Images Using JavaScript And Canvas – pixasso-js


pixasso-js is a small, dependency-free JavaScript library used to pixelate a given image with configurable pixel size and zoom using HTML5 Canvas 2D API.

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How to use it:

Insert the pixasso-js library into your html document.

<script src="pixasso.min.js"></script>

Pixelate an image you provide.

var myImg = document.createElement('img');

Customize the pixel size, zoom level and color picker mode.

  • pixsize: pixel size
  • zoom: zoom level
  • colorPickMode: FirstColor: 0, JointColor: 1
pixasso.createPixelArt(myImg, pixSize, zoom, colorPickMode);



  • JS update

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