Pure CSS/CSS3 Off-screen Side Navigation

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Pure CSS/CSS3 Off-screen Side Navigation


A pure CSS implementation of familiar off-canvas side navigation menu that uses CSS3 transitions for the slide animations.

How to use it:

Create a checkbox input with the label for the toggle button.

<input type="checkbox" id="sidebartoggler">
<label class="toggle" for="sidebartoggler">☰</label>

Create the side navigation menu with Html unordered list.

<div class="sidebar">

Wrap your main content into the ‘page-content’ container.

<div class="page-content">
  <!---Page content goes here...-->

The CSS for the side navigation menu.

.toggle {
  position: fixed;
  top: 20px;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  left: 20px;
  -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease;
  -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease;
  transition: all 0.5s ease;
  z-index: 1;
  font-size: 30px;
  color: black;
  width: 30px;
  height: 30px;
  cursor: pointer;
.toggle:hover { color: #29D4E8; }
.sidebar {
  -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease;
  -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease;
  transition: all 0.5s ease;
  position: fixed;
  top: 0px;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0px;
  left: -190px;
  width: 120px;
  padding: 30px;
  background: #333;
  color: white;
  z-index: 0;
.sidebar ul {
  list-style-type: none;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
.sidebar li {
  text-transform: uppercase;
  opacity: .5;
  cursor: pointer;
  -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease-in;
  -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease-in;
  transition: all 0.5s ease-in;
.sidebar li:hover {
  opacity: 1;
  color: #29D4E8;

The required CSS for the toggle button.

#sidebartoggler { display: none; }
#sidebartoggler:checked + .page-wrapper .sidebar { left: 0px; }
#sidebartoggler:checked + .page-wrapper .toggle { left: 200px; }
#sidebartoggler:checked + .page-wrapper .page-content { padding-left: 200px; }

Add transition effects to the main content as you toggle the side navigation menu.

.page-content {
  -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease;
  -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease;
  transition: all 0.5s ease;
  position: relative;
  z-index: 0;
  width: 50%;
  margin: 0 auto;
  text-align: center;
  color: #333;

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    Thank you very much! This is really usefull, but you forgot to mention about the .page-wrapper which must be just after the checkbox.


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