Pure HTML / CSS Tooltip Library – data-tip.css

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Pure HTML / CSS Tooltip Library – data-tip.css


data-tip.css helps you attach CSS3 animated tooltips to any DOM elements using CSS, CSS3 transforms / transitions and HTML5 data attributes.

Basic usage:

Load the core stylesheet data-tip.css in the document’s head section as follow.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/data-tip.css">

Create a tooltip that appears on the top of an element.

<button data-tip="I am a tooltip" class="data-tip-top">Hover me</button>

All CSS helpers.

  • data-tip-top: top
  • data-tip-bottom: bottom
  • data-tip-left: left
  • data-tip-right: right
  • data-tip-success: success style
  • data-tip-warning: warning style
  • data-tip-danger: danger style
  • data-tip-info: info style
  • data-tip-no-animation: no animation
  • data-tip-rounded: rounded border
  • data-tip-fast: fast border
  • data-tip-shadow: enable shadow
  • data-tip-visible: always visible

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