High Performance Select Box JavaScript Library – Virtual Select

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High Performance Select Box JavaScript Library – Virtual Select


A high-performance, Material Design style select box replacement that supports single/multiple select, virtual scrolling (for larger data lists), live search, and dynamic data rendering.

How to use it:

1. Load the Virtual Select’s JavaScript and CSS files in the HTML document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/virtual-select.min.css" />
<script src="dist/virtual-select.min.js"></script>

2. Create a container to hold the virtual select.

<div id="example-select"></div>

3. Define your own options for the virtual select.

myOptions = [
  { label: 'Options 1', value: '1', alias: 'custom label for search', classNames: 'customClassNames', },
  { label: 'Options 2', value: '2', description: 'custom description for label', customData: '' },
  { label: 'Options 3', value: '3' },
  { label: 'Options 100000', value: '100000' },

4. Initialize the Virtual Select library and done.

  ele: '#example-select',
  options: myOptions

5. You can also directly initialize the library on the native select element.

<select multiple name="native-select" placeholder="Native Select" data-search="false" data-silent-initial-value-set="true">
  <option value="1" disabled>Option 1</option>
  <option value="2">Option 2</option>
  <option value="3" selected>Option 3</option>
  ele: 'select' 

6. Enable the multi select support.

  ele: '#example-select',
  options: myOptions,
  multiple: true

7. Enable the live search support.

  ele: '#example-select',
  options: myOptions,
  search: true,
  searchGroup: false, // Include group title for searching
  searchByStartsWith: false, // Search options by startsWith() method

8. Customize the placeholder text.

  ele: '#example-select',
  options: myOptions,
  placeholder: 'Select options here'

9. Define an array of disabled options.

  ele: '#example-select',
  options: myOptions,
  disabledOptions: [1, 1000, 10000]

10. Determine whether to hide the clear button.

  ele: '#example-select',
  options: myOptions,
  hideClearButton: true

11. More configuration options.

  // parent element to render dropbox. (self, body, or any css selectror)
  dropboxWrapper: 'self',
  // No.of options to show on viewport
  optionsCount: 5,
  // if has options descriptions
  hasOptionDescription: false,
  // disable select all
  disableSelectAll: false,
  // Height of option
  optionHeight: '40px',
  // top, bottom, auto
  position: 'auto',
  // allow searching by label ignoring diacritics
  searchNormalize: false,
  // disable dropdown
  disabled: false,
  // enable required validation.
  required: false,
  // disable required validation
  disableValidation: false,
  // use Group's value
  useGroupValue: false,
  // autofocus dropdown on load
  autofocus: false,
  // Text to show when no options to show
  noOptionsText: 'No results found',
  // Text to show when no results on search
  noSearchResultsTex: 'No results found',
  // Text to show near select all checkbox when search is disabled
  selectAllText: 'Select all',
  // Text to show as placeholder for search input
  searchPlaceholderText: 'Search...', 
  // Text to use when displaying no.of values selected text (i.e. 3 options selected)
  optionsSelectedText: 'options selected',
  // Text to use when displaying no.of values selected text and only one value is selected (i.e. 1 option selected)
  optionSelectedText: 'option selected',
  // Text to use when displaying all values selected text (i.e. All (10))
  allOptionsSelectedText: 'All',
  // By default, when all values selected "All (10)" value text would be shown. 
  // Set true to show value text as "10 options selected".
  disableAllOptionsSelectedText: false,
  // By default, no.of options selected text would be shown when there is no enough space to show all selected values. 
  // Set true to override this.
  alwaysShowSelectedOptionsCount: false,
  // By default, no.of options selected text would be shown when there is no enough space to show all selected values. 
  // Set true to show labels even though there is no enough space.
  alwaysShowSelectedOptionsLabel: false,
  // Show each selected values as tags with remove icon
  showValueAsTags: false,
  // For right-to-left text direction languages
  textDirection: 'ltr',
  // Disable option group title checkbox
  disableOptionGroupCheckbox: false,
  // Set true to replace HTML tags from option's text (value and label) to prevent XSS attack. 
  // This feature is not enabled by default to avoid performance issue.
  enableSecureText: false,
  // Set value for hidden input in array format (e.g. '["1", "2"]')
  setValueAsArray: false,
  // Empty value to use for hidden input when no value is selected (e.g. 'null' or '[]' or 'none')
  emptyValue: '',
  // allows you to add new options
  allowNewOption: true,
  // select first option by default on load
  autoSelectFirstOption: false,
  // Single value or array of values to select on init
  selectedValue: '',
  // To avoid "change event" trigger on setting initial value
  silentInitialValueSet: false,
  // Custom width
  dropboxWidth: null,
  // CSS z-index
  zIndex: 1,
  // additional CSS classes
  additionalClasses: '',
  // Maximum no.of values to show in the tooltip for multi-select
  noOfDisplayValues: 50,
  // Mark matched term in label
  markSearchResults: false,
  // Font size for tooltip
  tooltipFontSize: '14px',
  // CSS Text alignment for tooltip
  tooltipAlignment: 'center',
  // max width of tooltip
  tooltipMaxWidth: '300px',
  // Show selected options at the top of the dropbox
  showSelectedOptionsFirst: false,
  // Scroll selected option to viewport on dropbox open
  focusSelectedOptionOnOpen: false,
  // Tooltip text for clear button
  clearButtonText: 'clear',
  // Text to show when more than noOfDisplayValues options selected (i.e + 10 more...)
  moreText: 'more...',
  // name attribute for hidden input
  name: '',
  // keep dropbox always open with fixed height
  keepAlwaysOpen: false,
  // maximum number of options allowed to select
  maxValues: 0,
  // minimum no.of options should be selected to succeed required validation
  minValues: 0,
  // show dropbox as popup on small screen like mobile
  showDropboxAsPopup: true,
  // maximum screen width that allowed to show dropbox as popup
  popupDropboxBreakpoint: '576px',
  // left, center, or right
  popupPosition: 'center',
  // hide value tooltip if all options selected
  hideValueTooltipOnSelectAll: true,
  // Callback function to integrate server search
  onServerSearch: function(){},	
  // Callback function to render label, which could be used to add image, icon, or custom content
  labelRenderer: function(){},	
  // Delay time in milliseconds to trigger onServerSearch callback function
  searchDelay: 300,
  // ID of the label element to use as a11y attribute aria-labelledby
  ariaLabelledby: '',
  // enhance accessibility when focusing on the dropdown wrapper making it more verbose
  ariaLabelText: 'Options list',
  // enhance accessibility when using the search functionality on the dropdowns
  searchFormLabel: 'Search',
  // show options to select only if search value is not empty
  showOptionsOnlyOnSearch: false,
  // Select only visible options on clicking select all checkbox when options filtered by search
  showOptionsOnlyOnSearch: false,
  // Maximum width
  maxWidth: '250px',
  // throttle time for updating dropbox position on scroll event
  updatePositionThrottle: 100,

12. You are also allowed to pass options via HTML data attributes:

  • ‘multiple’: ‘multiple’,
  • ‘placeholder’: ‘placeholder’
  • ‘data-label-key’: ‘labelKey’
  • ‘data-value-key’: ‘valueKey’
  • ‘data-alias-key’: ‘aliasKey’
  • ‘data-search’: ‘search’
  • ‘data-hide-clear-button’: ‘hideClearButton’
  • ‘data-auto-select-first-option’: ‘autoSelectFirstOption’
  • ‘data-has-option-description’: ‘hasOptionDescription’
  • ‘data-options-count’: ‘optionsCount’
  • ‘data-option-height’: ‘optionHeight’
  • ‘data-position’: ‘position’
  • ‘data-no-options-text’: ‘noOptionsText’
  • ‘data-no-search-results-text’: ‘noSearchResultsText’
  • ‘data-silent-initial-value-set’: ‘silentInitialValueSet’
  • ‘data-dropbox-width’: ‘dropboxWidth’
  • ‘data-z-index’: ‘zIndex’
  • ‘data-no-of-display-values’: ‘noOfDisplayValues’
  • ‘data-allow-new-option’: ‘allowNewOption’
  • ‘data-mark-search-results’: ‘markSearchResults’
  • ‘data-tooltip-font-size’: ‘tooltipFontSize’
  • ‘data-tooltip-alignment’: ‘tooltipAlignment’
  • ‘data-tooltip-max-width’: ‘tooltipMaxWidth’
  • ‘data-show-selected-options-first’: ‘showSelectedOptionsFirst’
  • ‘data-hidden-input-name’: ‘hiddenInputName’
  • ‘data-disable-select-all’: ‘disableSelectAll’
  • ‘data-keep-always-open’: ‘keepAlwaysOpen’
  • ‘data-max-values’: ‘maxValues’
  • ‘data-min-values’: ‘minValues’
  • ‘data-additional-classes’: ‘additionalClasses’
  • ‘data-show-dropbox-as-popup’: ‘showDropboxAsPopup’
  • ‘data-popup-dropbox-breakpoint’: ‘popupDropboxBreakpoint’
  • ‘data-hide-value-tooltip-on-select-all’: ‘hideValueTooltipOnSelectAll’,
  • ‘data-show-options-only-on-search’: ‘showOptionsOnlyOnSearch’,
  • ‘data-select-all-only-visible’: ‘selectAllOnlyVisible’,
<div id="sample-select"
     placeholder="Select country"

13. API methods.

// get selected value
// or
// set value
// reset the virtual select
document.querySelector('#example-select').reset(formReset, disableChangeEven);
// open
// close
// focus
// enable
// disable
// set enabled options
document.querySelector('#example-select').setDisabledOptions(disabledOptions, keepValue);
// set disabled options
// enable all option
// select / deselect all options
// check if all options are selected
// add options
  // options here
// validate required field
// or
// update required value
// get selected value
// get selected option's display value
// get selected option's details
// Get disabled option's details
// destroy the instance
// get selected option's details

14. Trigger a function every time you change the option.

document.querySelector('#example-select').addEventListener('change', function() {

15. Trigger functions before/after open/close/reset.

document.querySelector('#example-select').addEventListener('beforeOpen', function() {
  // do something
document.querySelector('#example-select').addEventListener('beforeClose', function() {
  // do something
document.querySelector('#example-select').addEventListener('afterOpen', function() {
  // do something
document.querySelector('#example-select').addEventListener('afterClose', function() {
  // do something
document.querySelector('#example-select').addEventListener('reset', function() {
  // do something


v1.0.44 (04/24/2024)

  • Bugfixes

v1.0.43 (03/12/2024)

  • A new option disableChangeEvent
  • Fixed bugs

v1.0.42 (03/12/2024)

  • Accessibility improvements to the clear button present on the dropdowns.
  • New property ariaLabelClearButtonText: ‘Clear button’ that will help enhance accessibility when focusing on the dropdown clear button making it more verbose.
  • Fixed bugs.

v1.0.41 (01/02/2024)

  • Added support for dropdowns showing selected options with tags to have tooltips whenever the text on the tag overflows its parent.
  • Added several accessibility improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

v1.0.40 (08/23/2023)

  • Bugfix

v1.0.39 (06/18/2023)

  • Update
  • Bugfix

v1.0.38 (05/29/2023)

  • Added New property searchNormalize: false that will allow searching by label ignoring diacritics in order to allow things like searching for ‘Goncalo’ and finding ‘Gonçalo’ or searching for ‘Pole’ and finding ‘Pôle’.
  • Added New property searchFormLabel: ‘Search’ that will the used to enhance accessibility when using the search functionality on the dropdowns
  • Added New property ariaLabelText: ‘Options list’ that will the used to enhance accessibility when focusing on the dropdown wrapper making it more verbose
  • Bugfixed

v1.0.37 (01/01/2023)

  • Added New property focusSelectedOptionOnOpen
  • Bugfix

v1.0.36 (12/04/2022)

  • Added – New property alwaysShowSelectedOptionsLabel
  • Added – New method getDisabledOptions()
  • Changed – Improved selectAllOnlyVisible feature

v1.0.35 (11/21/2022)

  • Bugfix
  • New property searchDelay to debounceonServerSearch callback

v1.0.34 (10/31/2022)

  • Bugfix

v1.0.33 (09/25/2022)

  • Added: Clearing search value on selecting option in single select only

v1.0.32 (09/25/2022)

  • Added minValues – Minimum no.of options should be selected to succeed required validation
  • Added setEnabledOptions()
  • Added options[].classNames – Additional class names to customize specific option
  • Bugfixes

v1.0.31 (07/18/2022)

  • New property updatePositionThrottle
  • Bugfix

v1.0.30 (06/19/2022)

  • New property searchByStartsWith

v1.0.29 (04/24/2022)

  • Bugfixes

v1.0.28 (04/17/2022)

  • Bugfixes
  • Added new properties

v1.0.27 (03/24/2022)

  • Bugfixes

v1.0.26 (02/21/2022)

  • Bugfixes
  • Added new properties

v1.0.25 (02/13/2022)

  • Implemented accessibility feature
  • Added new properties

v1.0.24 (01/09/2022)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added New properties
  • Added New methods

v1.0.23 (01/02/2022)

  • Bug fixes

v1.0.22 (12/26/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New properties
  • Allows to initialize plugin from the native select element

v1.0.21 (12/19/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New methods

v1.0.20 (12/05/2021)

  • Bug fixes

v1.0.19 (11/14/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New properties
  • New method: focus()

v1.0.18 (10/16/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • We can use Shift + Click to select the options between the current option and the previously selected option

v1.0.17 (10/12/2021)

  • New properties
  • New argument keepValue in setDisabledOptions(disabledOptions, keepValue)
  • Bugfixes

v1.0.16 (08/20/2021)

  • Bug fixes

v1.0.15 (08/16/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added css for .vscomp-ele[disabled]
  • Added more properties
  • Added destroy() metho

v1.0.14 (08/07/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added new properties

v1.0.12 (07/12/2021)

  • New property: optionsSelectedText
  • New event: reset

v1.0.11 (06/07/2021)

  • Added labelRenderer callback

v1.0.10 (05/01/2021)

  • New property: selectAllOnlyVisible
  • New events

v1.0.9 (04/17/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New property clearButtonText
  • New property getSelectedOptions

v1.0.8 (03/13/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New property: showOptionsOnlyOnSearch

v1.0.7 (03/06/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New properties

v1.0.6 (02/27/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • Changed arrow icon
  • New properties / features

v1.0.5 (02/20/2021)

  • Renamed the property “hiddenInputName” to “name”
  • Enabled showSelectedOptionsFirst feature for optGroup
  • Option description as second line text for label
  • New methods

v1.0.4 (02/15/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • New properties, features, and methods

v1.0.3 (02/06/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added New properties
  • Added New methods
  • Added Option group support
  • Show selected options first
  • Use alias for searching

v1.0.2 (02/01/2021)

  • Bug fixes
  • Property to define no.of values to show in tooltip
  • Allow to add new option
  • Getting properties from element attribute


  • Bugfix

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