Pure JavaScript Drag and Drop Library – dragula.js

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Pure JavaScript Drag and Drop Library – dragula.js


dragula.js is a simple, dependency-free, touch-enabled JavaScript library that provides drag and drop functionality on DOM elements.

Install & Download

$ npm i dragula --save

Basic usage:

1. Load the dragula.js JS library at the end of the document.

<link href="dist/dragula.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="dist/dragula.min.js"></script>

2. Create two containers that you can move stuff between these two containers.

<div class="wrapper">
  <div id="left" class="container">
    <div>Item 1.</div>
    <div>Item 2.</div>
    <div>Item 3.</div>
    <div>Item 4.</div>
  <div id="right" class="container">
    <div>Item 5.</div>
    <div>Item 6.</div>
    <div>Item 7.</div>

3. Enable the drag and drop on these two lists. That’s it.

dragula([document.querySelector('#left'), document.querySelector('#right')]);

4. Config the drag and drop behavior by passing the options object as the second object to the dragula method:

dragula([document.querySelector('#left'), document.querySelector('#right')],{
  // or 'horizontal'
  direction: 'vertical',
  // determine whether to copy elements rather than moving
  // if a method is passed, it'll be called whenever an element starts being dragged in order to decide whether it should follow copy behavior or not. 
  copy: false, 
  // determine whether to sort elements in copy-source containers.
  copySortSource: false,
  // spilling will put the element back where it was dragged from, if this is true
  revertOnSpill: false,
  // spilling will `.remove` the element, if this is true
  removeOnSpill: false,
  // set the element that gets mirror elements appended
  mirrorContainer: document.body, 
  // allows users to select input text
  ignoreInputTextSelection: true,
  // allows users to select the amount of movement on the X axis before it is considered a drag instead of a click   
  slideFactorX: 0,   
  // allows users to select the amount of movement on the Y axis before it is considered a drag instead of a click      
  slideFactorY: 0,
  // only elements in drake.containers will be taken into account
  isContainer: function (el) {
    return false; 
  // elements are always draggable by default
  moves: function (el, source, handle, sibling) {
    return true; 
  // elements can be dropped in any of the `containers` by default
  accepts: function (el, target, source, sibling) {
    return true; 
  // don't prevent any drags from initiating by default
  invalid: function (el, handle) {
    return false; 

5. API methods.

var drake = dragula({
    // options here
// add new containers
// determine if an element is dragging
// enter drag mode without a shadow
// gracefully end the drag event 
// gracefully cancel the drag action
// gracefully remove a dragging element from the DOM
// return whether the drake instance can accept drags for a DOM element item. 
// destroy the instance

6. Event handlers.

drake.on('drag', function(el, source){
  // do something
drake.on('dragend', function(el){
  // do something
drake.on('drop', function(el, target, source, sibling){
  // do something
drake.on('cancel', function(el, container, source){
  // do something
drake.on('remove', function(el, container, source){
  // do something
drake.on('shadow', function(el, container, source){
  // do something
drake.on('over', function(el, container, source){
  // do something
drake.on('out', function(el, container, source){
  // do something
drake.on('cloned', function(clone, original, type){
  // do something


v3.7.3 (10/03/2020)

  • Changed to NPM.


  • Fixed Bug when revert on spill and drag a copy item

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  1. Geo Washington I

    Poor documentation, too confusing, too convoluted.

  2. Yu

    Two Fundamental Problems – 1. How do you UNDO and 2. how do you bring back a box of items if I remove ALL the items from one of the boxes


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