Scroll Size Tracking With ScrollSizeObserver Library

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Scroll Size Tracking With ScrollSizeObserver Library


The ScrollSizeObserver library is designed to simplify the process of tracking changes in an element’s scroll size.

It allows developers to easily observe the scrollWidth and scrollHeight properties of specific elements and react to these changes.

Useful for detecting when the content size exceeds the container’s dimensions, or for building responsive layouts where developers can adjust the layout or apply specific styles based on the content size.

How to use it:

1. Install & download the ScrollSizeObserver with NPM.

$ npm install scroll-size-observer

2. Import the ScrollSizeObserver component into your project.

import { ScrollSizeObserver } from 'scroll-size-observer'
// OR from a CDN
<script type="module">
  import { ScrollSizeObserver as l } from "[email protected]/+esm";

3. Creata a new instance of the ScrollSizeObserver and observe the current/prev scrollWidth and scrollHeight properties of an element.

const observer = new ScrollSizeObserver((entries, observer) => {
  entries.forEach((entry) => {
    console.log('Target element:',
    console.log('New scrollWidth:', entry.scrollWidth)
    console.log('New scrollHeight:', entry.scrollHeight)
    console.log('Previous scrollWidth:', entry.previousScrollWidth)
    console.log('Previous scrollHeight:', entry.previousScrollHeight)

4. More API methods.

// Observe an element
// Observe only changes to the scrollHeight property
observer.observe(elementToObserve, { 
  scrollWidth: false 
// Unobserve an element
// Unobserve all

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