Smooth Pull/Swipe Animations In JavaScript – pull-element

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Smooth Pull/Swipe Animations In JavaScript – pull-element


pull-element is a native JavaScript library that implements the mobile app-style smooth pull/swipe animations on any dom objects. Powered by CSS3 transitions and transforms.

Install the pull-element via NPM:

$ npm install pull-element

How to use it:

Import the pull-element to your project.

import PullElement from 'pull-element'

Or include the main JavaScript file pull-element.js on the html page.

<script src="pull-element.js"></script>

Then initialize the pull-element as this:

var pullElement = new PullElement()

Possible options with default values.

var pullElement = new PullElement({
    target: 'body',
    scroller: '',
    trigger: '',
    damping: 1.6,
    wait: true,
    pullUp: false,
    pullDown: false,
    pullLeft: false,
    pullRight: false,
    detectScroll: false,
    detectScrollOnStart: false,
    stopPropagation: false,
    drag: false,
    transitionProperty: 'transform',
    transitionDuration: '0.3s',
    transitionTimingFunction: 'ease-out',



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