Touch-enabled Element Zoom & Pan Library – EasyPZ

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Touch-enabled Element Zoom & Pan Library – EasyPZ


EasyPZ is a standalone, dependency-free JavaScript library used to zoom and pan any element with mouse and touch interactions.

Basic usage:

Download and insert the JavaScript file ‘easypz.latest.min.js’ into the web page.

<script src="easypz.latest.min.js"></script>

Add the ‘easypz’ attribute to element you want to zoom and pan.

<svg easypz='{"applyTransformTo": "svg > *"}' height="400" width="400">
  <polygon points="100,10 40,198 190,78 10,78 160,198"
  style="fill:lime;stroke:purple;stroke-width:5;fill-rule:nonzero;" />

All possible options.

applyTransformTo: "",
replaceVariables: false

Callback functions available.

onPanned: function() {},
onZoomed: function() {},
onTransformed: function() {},
onResetAbsoluteScale: function() {},



  • fix merge

v1.1.12 (08/08/2020)

  • undo the last change to go back to easier integration with js

v1.1.11 (08/05/2020)

  • Export easypz class so it can be imported as module

v1.1.10 (06/23/2020)

  • Improve detection of preexisting transformations and reduce error logs

v1.1.9 (06/16/2020)

  • update to es2017

v1.1.8 (02/25/2020)

  • Allow passing easypz settings via the new data-easypz attribute to be more W3C compliant.


  • Bugfix
  • Rewritten in typescript.


  • Bugfix


  • Allow switching between mouse- and touch-based interactions on hybrid devices.


  • Tweak to make the momentum interactions more flexible and obtain more information.

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