Lightweight User Idle Tracker In Vanilla JavaScript

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Lightweight User Idle Tracker In Vanilla JavaScript


Yet another vanilla JavaScript user idle tracker library that checks user interactions (click, keypress, keydown, load, mousemove, scroll, touchmove, touchstart) and trigger a function when a user is inactive for X amount of time.

How to use it:

Install and import the user-idle-tracker as an ES6 module.

# Yarn
$ yarn add user-idle-tracker

$ npm install user-idle-tracker --save
import UserIdleTracker from "user-idle-tracker";

For browser:

<script src="/lib/user-idle-tracker.min.js"></script>

Specify the idle time in milliseconds.

const idleTime = 3000;

Define a callback function which will be fired when the user goes idle.

function stillThere() {
  alert("Heeeey! Are you still there?");

Start the user idle tracker.

const tracker = new UserIdleTracker(stillThere, idleTime);

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