Truncate Long Text To A specified Number Of Lines – thellipsis

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Truncate Long Text To A specified Number Of Lines – thellipsis


thellipsis is a tiny vanilla JavaScript multi-line text truncation plugin that makes it possible to truncate your long text to a specified number of lines.

The JavaScript plugin hides the text content that exceeds the max lines and adds an ellipsis to the end of the truncated text.

Fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Also works with the window resize event.

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How to use it:

1. Download and import the thellipsis.js library.

<script src="./src/thellipsis.js" defer></script>

2. Attach the plugin to the text and specify the max number of lines.

<p class="thellipsis">
  Multi-line Text Here
const elementsThatShouldEllipsis = document.getElementsByClassName('thellipsis');
window.onresize = function () {, function (element) {
    // thellipsis(element, max_lines, debug);
    thellipsis(element, 2, true);
window.dispatchEvent(new Event("resize"));



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