10 Best Text Animation JavaScript & CSS Libraries

To create attractive headlines, titles and import messages on your web app,  you shouldn’t miss this list of 10 best text animation libraries that make it easy to apply fancy animations and typing effects to your text using JavaScript and/or CSS.

10. typebot


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Just another JavaScript library for text typing animation that allows to print your text letter by letter with variable animation speed and delay.

9. txt.wav


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A pure CSS solution to style the native checboxes and radio buttons using CSS / CSS3 rules and Font Awesome icons.

8. daken


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daken is a lightweight JavaScript library used to create a basic typewriter effect by adding the data-daken attribute to specific text.

7. baffle


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baffle.js is a small JavaScript library used to obfuscate and reveal your text with a shuffle animation.

6. starwarsintro.css


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starwarsintro.css is a small CSS library which makes use of CSS3 animations to create the familiar Star Wars intro crawl effect on the webpage.

5. TypeWriting.js


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TypeWriting.js is a standalone JavaScript library for creating terminal-style animated text typing effect with a blinking cursor.

4. shuffle-letters.js


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shuffle-letters.js is a lightweight, dependency-free JavaScript library that allows you to print text with a typing animation by shuffling the text letter by letter.

3. Pure CSS Text Typing Animation


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Just another pure CSS implementation of the text typing animation using pseudo elements and CSS3 animations. Also can be used as a text rotator with a character typing effect.

2. typing.js


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typing.js is a super tiny JavaScript library for emulating an user typing some text on the Terminal.

1. typeWriter.js


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typeWriter.js is a lightweight and no-dependency JavaScript library which applies a typewriter style typing effect to specific text.