10 Best Typewriter Text Animation JavaScript Libraries (2020 Update)

To create attractive headlines, titles and import messages on your web app,  you shouldn’t miss this list of 10 best text animation libraries that make it easy to apply fancy animations and typing effects to your text using native vanilla JavaScript.

Originally Published Jan 06 2018, updated Apr 12, 2020.

1. Highly Configurable Text Typing Library – typed.js


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Just another JavaScript text typing animation library that animates your text to make it look like it is being typing.

2. Simulate A Human Typing & Deleting With JavaScript – TheaterJS

Simulate A Human Typing & Deleting With JavaScript - TheaterJS

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TheaterJS is a developer-friendly JavaScript text animation library to simulate a human typing and deleting something on the webpage.

3. Pure JS Text Rotator With Typing / Deleting Effects – iTyped.js


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iTyped.js is a lightweight, dependency-free JS library that allows you to rotate a sequence of strings with text typing / erasing effects just like a typewriter.

4. TypewriterJS

Simple Typewriter Effect In Pure JavaScript – TypewriterJS

Demo Download

TypewriterJS is a native javascript plugin that can be used to create an elegant automatic typewriter animation effect on websites.

5. Animated Typing Effect In Pure JavaScript – Typical

Animated Typing Effect In Pure JavaScript - Typical

Demo Download

Typical.js is a minimal, standalone JavaScript library to create an animated typing effect with support for deleting, pausing, waiting, looping, promise, and more.

6. T-Writer.js

Custom Typewriter Effect In Nativie JavaScript – T-Writer.js

Demo Download

The T-Writer.js library lets you print out any strings with configurable typing/deleting/resting effects.

7. typing.js


Demo Download

typing.js is a super tiny JavaScript library for emulating an user typing some text on the Terminal.

8. Typewriter Style Text Rotation Library – Typist


Demo Download

Typist is a simple, flexible,framework-agnostic JavaScript library used for rotating through a list of text with a customizable typing animation.

9. malarkey

Flexible Text Typing Effect In Vanilla JavaScript – malarkey

Demo Download

malarkey.js is a vanilla JavaScript plugin to create flexible text typing/deleting effects just like the typewriter.

10. Terminal Style Text Print Animation In JavaScript – tinytyper

Terminal Style Text Print Animation In JavaScript - tinytyper

Demo Download

tinytyper is a simple, tiny, standalone JavaScript library that animates your text character by character just as someone typing something in a terminal or on a typewriter.

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