Terminal-style Text Typing Animation – TypeWriting.js

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Terminal-style Text Typing Animation – TypeWriting.js


TypeWriting.js is a standalone JavaScript library for creating terminal-style animated text typing effect with a blinking cursor.

How to use it:

Include the minified version of TypeWriting.js on the webpage.

<script src="build/typewriting.min.js"></script>

Create a container to output the text.

<div class="terminal"></div>

Create a new TypeWriting object and specify the text you want to print.

var typeWriting = new TypeWriting({
    targetElement   : document.getElementsByClassName('terminal')[0],
    inputString     : 'Hello, world.',
    typing_interval : 130, // Interval between each character
    blink_interval  : '1s', // Interval of the cursor blinks
    cursor_color    : '#00fd55', // Color of the cursor
    }, function() {

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