Clean CSS Reset Library – destyle.css

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Clean CSS Reset Library – destyle.css


destyle.css is a CSS reset library used to create neat clean web pages.


  • Ensures consistency across browsers (thanks normalize.css)
  • Resets spacing (margin & padding)
  • Resets font-size and line-height
  • Prevents the necessity of reseting user agent styles
  • Prevents style inspector bloat by only targeting what is necessary
  • Contributes to the separation of presentation and semantics
  • Works well with all kind of styling approaches, atomic libraries like tachyons, component based styling like css-in-js in React, good ‘ol css, …

How to use it:

Installation & Download:

$ npm install destyle.css --save

Import the destyle.css into your project.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="destyle.css">


v3.0.0 (09/06/2021)

  • Remove IE support
  • Bring back outline for focusable elements
  • Remove redundant line-height: inherit rule from headings reset
  • Remove redundant text-decoration rule from abbr
  • Added svg selector to replaced content rule
  • Added text-transform: inherit rule to form elements
  • Replaced [disabled] selector with :disabled
  • Removed ::-moz-focus-inner rules for old Firefox versions
  • Improved :-moz-focusring style, no more dotted outline
  • Destyled select:disabled in Chrome
  • Add outline to focused [contenteditable] elements
  • Fixed border color inheritance for table borders in Chrome

v2.0.1 (12/05/2020)

  • Fix border issues for hr and remuve redundant border rules

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