Trigger Events When An Elements Enters And Leaves The Boundary – Bounds.js

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Trigger Events When An Elements Enters And Leaves The Boundary – Bounds.js


Bounds.js is a pure JavaScript library to detect boundary asynchronously that allows you to do something when an element enters or leaves the boundary of a specific container.

Useful for image lazy loading, infinite scroll view, and much more. The library requires IntersectionObserver API. You might need a polyfill for legacy browsers.

How to use it:

Install and import the Bounds.js package.

$ npm install bounds.js --save
import Bound from 'bounds.js'

Define the element to detect if it enters or leaves a specific element.

const image = document.querySelector('img')
const container = document.querySelector('.container')
const whenImageEnters = (ratio) => {
      // do something
const whenImageLeaves = (ratio) => {
      // do something

Initialize the Bounds.js library.

const boundary = Bound({
      root: container

Start detecting the boundary and trigger events when your images or leave the boundary of the container., whenImageEnters, whenImageLeaves)

All default options.

const boundary = Bound({
      // top container
      root: window,
      // margins in pixels to trigger the events
      margins: {
        top: 0,
        right: 0,
        bottom: 0,
        left: 0
      // between 0.0 and 1.0
      threshold: 0.0,
      // fired when a element enters or exits the boundary
      onEmit: () => {}

Unwatch the element.


Check if the element is inside the boundary.


Reset the library.


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