Developer-friendly Autocomplete Library With Vanilla JavaScript – KutoComplete.Js

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Developer-friendly Autocomplete Library With Vanilla JavaScript – KutoComplete.Js


An auto-complete textbox allows a user to easily provide additional information in a hassle-free manner. Rather than forcing them to type the entire data, the auto-completion helps provide easy and accurate suggestions for users in real time.

In this article, I’ll show you a brand new autocomplete library built using vanilla JavaScript, ideal for developers who need to create an autocomplete input for source code.

How to use it:

1. Load the KutoComplete library in the document.

<script src="./KutoComplete.js"></script>

2. Define your data in a JavaScript array. The autocomplete library allows multiple data sets as follows.

var data_arr1 = ['sum', 'avg', 'max', 'min'];
var data_arr2 = ['n1.personid', '', 'n1.userid'];

3. Create an instance of the atc_kev_model(), where

  • separator: Trigger character
  • data: Data array
  • additional_start_char: Additional start character
  • additional_end_char: Additional end character
  • atc_additional_start_char_for_validaton: Additional start character used for validation
//atc_kev_model(separator, data, additional_start_char, additional_end_char, atc_additional_start_char_for_validaton)
var atc_model_list = [
    new atc_kev_model("#", data_arr1, '(', ')', null),
    new atc_kev_model("[", data_arr2, null, ']', '[')

4. Initialize the KutoComplete on the input field you specify.

var html_input_id = 'example';
var atc_instance = new atc_kev(html_input_id, atc_model_list);

5. Valida the input values.


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